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Re: Greek Food Festival in Dallas Starts on Friday

Once again, SideDishers have proved to be a tough—and, dare I say, slightly over-critical—crowd. I read the comments about the Greek Food Festival. I mean, it’s not like Holy Trinity is a restaurant, people! It’s a church! The food and pastry is made by volunteers who toil away for weeks in preparation for this, the biggest church fundraiser of the year. I suggest that you try to feed thousands of people at a time, and see how well you do. IJS. The festival is meant to be a celebration of Greek culture and food–not the most amazing culinary experience of your life. Is the fenekia as good as my my nouna’s? No. Is the baklava as good as mine? Of course not. (Then again, neither my nouna nor I has attempted to make thousands of pastries. I bet even ours would suffer in those kinds of quantities.) But will you have a good time–either on a date, with friends, or with your kids? Most certainly. Perhaps your “reviews” are best reserved for a real dining establishment.

P.S. Yes, I’ve been known to attend Holy Trinity from time to time. But I’m not coming to the defense of my people for personal reasons. I’m defending the hundreds of volunteers who are just trying to serve their community and do a good thing for the church. How can you find fault with that?

8 comments on “Re: Greek Food Festival in Dallas Starts on Friday

  1. Hi Jennifer,

    A group of about 15 of us will be heading up there Saturday. Can’t wait! Is there good parking there?

  2. Brent D – food is obviously the focus, but they never claim to be a restaurant with restaurant-quality standards. They claim to be a “festival.”

    Most folks understand that festivals are what festivals are – a fun thing to go to, an opportunity to learn more about the culture/group/organization/issue being featured AND enjoy some decent-to-good food.

    You don’t expect 4-star quality food at the Plano Balloon Festival or the State Fair of Texas, do you?

    We have always loved going to the Greek Food Festival, even when it was just a tiny event! The food is better than what you’d expect and I’ve never left feeling disappointed.

    (Keep up the great work, Holy Trinity!!)

  3. When the church was located on Swiss Ave, the food was much better. After the church moved to fashionable North Dallas, the scale of the event increased and the quality of the food declined.

  4. Is it true that the majority of the food is not even made by hand anymore, rather it’s ordered and shipped to Dallas for the event?

  5. The food is made there! Have you ever gone to the back to see all the people working! Pulling out pans from the ovens. People start the pastry baking in July/August. Come on people… 20,000 people go thru there in 3 days. If you want amazing food, go to a restaurant. This is a fun festival!! The people are great! They call it the Greek Food Festival because you get to taste different types of Greek food.