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French Room Chef: Marcus Strietzel

From the PR peeps:

It is official (unofficially no announcement from the camp has been made but not a secret either) As you can tell just a bit proud and wanted to let you know that the new Executive Chef of The Adolphus has been named it is The former Exec. Banquet Chef Marcus Strietzel.  Chef Strietzel has been with the hotel since 1999 and has worked under and next to some of those chef’s that made The French Room what it has become today. (William Koval & Jason Weaver)  The local Dallas boy is not new to the dallas scene, born & raised in Plano is certainly in touch with the local competition and tradition of the hotel and the French room.

UPDATE: Headline should read: Adolphus Hotel Chef.

16 comments on “French Room Chef: Marcus Strietzel

  1. I wish Chef Marcus Stritzel warm congratulations and the best of luck. I love the French Room. But please tell your PR people to never use “&” when they mean “and.”

  2. And, please remind your PR people that “Dallas” is a city, and therefore should be capitalized.

  3. I am delighted that the culinary and the intellectual crowd have met. However, I am not here to blog on the merits of grammar of the aforementioned headline or posts. I would like for Slappy to check his sources. Yes, the Executive Chef of the Adolphus just so happens to be the Executive Chef of the French Room.

    I have had the privilege of being a client of the Adolphus when Chef Strietzel was at the helm of the food portion of the event. To say we were pleased with the outcome would be an understatement. I cannot stress enough how proud my colleagues and I are of his advancement. We have also been patrons of the French Room on many occasions and are certain he will carry on the tradition it has so long maintained.

    Best Wishes Chef Strietzel

  4. @coach: I was simply referring to title. If you are not here for your aforementioned reasons, then why don’t you erase your post. Blog about what you know, and don’t correct people if you state that you are not here to correct people. Notice Nancy’s correction.

  5. @ Slappy

    Please read my post again. I was not going to blog on the merits of grammar. Was your post grammar or fact? I had no issue with your grammar… but did have issue with your facts.

    Trust me, I am very confident in what I know. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Adolphus directly.

    Sorry, if you took offense. Yes, I did see Nancy’s correction…..I am just second in line in correcting the facts.

    All the best

  6. Correction,

    Nancy only stated he was Executive Chef for the Adolphus. This does include Executive Chef for the French Room.

    All the best

  7. Anyone out there… I am certainly not the “foodie” person but help me understand the Executive Chef at The Adolphus is or is not the person that is at the helm of the French Room. If not.. then does this mean for all of these years that former “executive chef’s” Jason Weaver & William Koval werent the french room chefs???

  8. The French Room is part of the Adolphus. The Executive Chef of the French Room is also the Executive Chef of the Adolphus. Chef Strietzel was the Executive Banquet Chef under Chef Weaver/Koval for years. Of course, this is only a long time customers understanding. Please consult the Adolphus directly for absolute clarification.

    All the best

  9. Coach…ah ha! I see, thank you for clearing that up for me and all of us out there that aren’t familiar with the “lingo”.

  10. Amador Mora was Fearing’s right hand man for well over a decade, not to mention THE man on the many nights that Fearing was out of the kitchen. When Fearing left, it was, “Thanks for your service, Amador,” followed by the hiring of a new chef (who happened to be white).

    Segovia has been in charge of the French Room since Weaver left, but Weaver openly gave him credit for being the main force in the French Room even when he was there (and when the restaurant got its latest five star review). Weaver leaves and it’s, “Thank you for your service, Marcos,” followed by the promotion a catering chef (who happens to be white).

    Maybe the Adolphus decided that, in the future, they want to make their name with catered dinners for business travelers, rather than fine dining. That might explain why they would make a caterer the “face” of the hotel’s restaurants.

  11. The chef of the adolphus hotel has not always been incharge of the French room. There was a separation of church and state, All up until 1994 when I became the chef of the adolphus hotel there was no separation of church and state. It took Brent wuest former chef de cuisine of the French room, James Donohue maitre de, and myself, to change the course of the French room. I spent the next twelve years along with the chefs and sous chefs that came and went, and James who is still there, on the menu, tables, chairs, china, silverware, glassware, wine. It takes more then one person to bring a passion for a restaurant together and keep it going, No one can do it on his or her own. But it only takes one person to keep it alive and keep it going never giving up when others wanted too. And I did keep it alive along with Segovia and James for a great twelve years. The French room never received higher praise for what we had accomplished. Then came along Jason weaver the new French room and hotel chef, and he walked into a smooth running machine and turned it up a couple of notches, Jason is not only a great guy but a great chef who once again raised the bar. Know it is just back too they way it was pre 1994,now under Segovia one awesome guy. Just two answer the one question? was koval and weaver running the French room, we where the French room.

  12. Chef Koval,

    What a true honor it is to see you blog and see that your passion for the French Room and great food is still very much alive. You did a tremendous job implementing some of the traditions, flavors and flares that the restaurant still carries today! The French Room has always been amazing and always will be amazing. This has all gotten out of control! Everyone is losing focus as this is about a restaurant that is one of the best in the city and has promoted a member of their already outstanding team.

    You are absolutely correct; it isn’t about one person it is about a team. It seems as though Chef Strietzel has earned his right by working his way up to this position and will now lead his already excellent team to many more years of wonderful food and service. Diners will still see and taste this each time they enter the doors. The flavors produced by Mr. Segovia and crew mixed with the charisma of Mr. Donohue and the rest of the staff is what make dinner in the French room an “experience”. This is not part of a night out but “is” the evening. Your last statement is true…. However I would like to add that each person that works at The Adolphus is the French Room.