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Hot Dogs in Dallas: Costco in Plano

costco1This will be my last hot dog report for a while—my stomach is still recovering from Sunday. After I visited Double Dip Frozen Custard in Frisco, I headed over to Costco to try their dog. I thought Costco sold Sabrett or Hebrew National in their concession stand, but when I got there I was not too surprised to find Kirkland products on the menu. (Hebrew National dogs are available in the refrigerated meats section.) Short story: the all-beef Kirkland dogs are cooked in a shallow pan of hot water and any flavor the “meat” might had ever had has been boiled away. They present a nice beef-to-steamed-bun ratio—almost an inch of  the wiener hang from each end. They are cheap: two dogs and refillable drinks were $3.25! And they offer freshly diced onions, but I’ll eat before I go again. Oh wait, I did that last time. Maybe that is why I’ve been sipping Sprite and eating Wheat Thins for two days. Moving on.

9 comments on “Hot Dogs in Dallas: Costco in Plano

  1. Too bad, a few miles further north and you could have had the Hot Dog meal deal at Ikea. $2 buys you a jumbo hot dog and a large fountain drink.

    Or further south, yesterday I served freshly grilled jumbo Hebrew National hot dogs for $2.50 at the Franklin Field (Hillcrest High School football stadium) concessions stand. No onions, but we have jalapenos.

  2. once more, try the AllGood Cafe Chili Dawg. or have it YOUR way. Hebrew Nationals and they are GRILLED, just like you like ’em.

  3. Chicago’s Gourmet Pizza on Custer just south of Parker makes a great Chicago Dog with genuine Vienna Beef!