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Making Dallas Even Better

Bailey’s Prime Plus Opened Last Night. Leslie Brenner is First Customer in the Door.

Ms.potatoContinuing her search for world-class dining in Dallas, DMN dining critic Leslie “Catch a Falling Star” Brenner (finally) found a baked potato at a local steak restaurant. After visiting the Cedar Hill location of Bailey’s Prime, La Brenner was more than disappointed to find only baked sweet potatoes on the menu. Owner Ed Bailey obviously paid attention to Brenner—last night the new Bailey’s Prime Plus on Park Lane near Northpark made its debut and right there on the menu was a big ‘ol baker with all of the trimmings. “Leslie was the first one through the door,” said Misty, a made up name for a hostess at Bailey’s. “She demanded a center booth, a baked potato, and a map of the world.” Extra! Extra! Read all about it.

  • Blogg Hoggess

    Shit you crack me up!! I hope Leslie Brenner has a sense of humor.

  • Mitch

    Nancy, are all those hotdogs making you even more snarky than usual?

  • PlayinMisty

    Bring it girl. This made my day.

  • BakersDozen

    I remember thinking it was odd that she was so hung up on a baked potato. Did she really go last night? I didn’t see that in the link to her report on the potato??

  • Y. Lee P

    Don’t get your hopes up, Blogg Hoggess.

    Have you met Brenner in person, Nancy? If you have, do you really think she satisfies both requirements necessary to file this under “skinny bitches”?

  • bluebird

    First-night visit? Looking forward to reading the review of Bailey’s Park Lane branch soon!

  • Martina Long aka Sarah Simon

    Well YLP, imo Brenner has the second part covered in spades. First part, not so much.

  • educated source

    Nancy, I love your wit. I needed to laugh today.

  • Andy Kelbow

    Come now, Martina, you know what they say about people who live in glass houses.

  • Walter

    Nancy, Brenner bashing is so beneath you. Disappointed.

  • Nancy Nichols

    Walter, please understand that I take cues from my adviser, mentor, and guru, Stephen Colbert.

  • curmudgeon

    What the heck…catering to a food reviewer…opening night visit…are you two in cahoots? Why is Leslie intrjecting herself INTO the story instead of REPORTING the story? Will they now get a 4/5 star review? What is the price of a good/great review in dollars or ego stroking? As I once heard…We know WHAT you are now we are dickering on the price.

  • curmudgeon

    ****, I quess I should say “discussing”

  • Gastronome

    OK, lighten up – Brenner posted that she thought Nancy’s post was in jest and enjoyed it. She also cleared the record – she wasn’t there last night. Now, if LB can laugh we can all laugh, so say something funny and lets see if we can’t all get along a little better here.

  • elray

    Leslie Brenner is an idiot. This notion that a steakhouse has to offer a baked potato is absurd. Frank Bruni with the Times has equally absurd notions about what a restaurant ‘should’ or ‘should not’ offer, but at least he can write. I read Brenner and all i get is snobbery, vedetta, and ignorance written at a college freshman level. She’s a freekin joke and I wish she’d bo back to LA-LA land…if they’ll take her.

  • elray

    excuse me: vendetta / go back