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Making Dallas Even Better

Secret Supper in Dallas: Food Creates Community

secretY’all remember chef Jordan Swim, the chef behind the underground dinners? Well, he is back with another offering—this one will take place on October 17th at 7:00 p.m. The four-course menu is “fall-inspired and is $50 per person. Details here.

  • Worzel Gummidge

    Is this now an unsecret dinner, since it has appeared on SideValve?

  • Nancy Nichols

    SideValve? Guess we should call it Sorta Secret. Which reminds me, what ever happened to Super Suppers? better go check.

  • Gorzel Wummidge

    Come on ya’ll to the super deluxe every night secret penthouse restaurant in my home. You too can feel like one of my best friends as you sit on MY sofa, visit MY view, see what life is really like way up here. In fact this is so lucrative, I think everyone should consider turning their home into a place of business. Sales tax be damned – my little bit won’t make a difference in the $190 million they’re short!

    And if the TABC decides to listen to one of my cranky neighbors, I’m ready with Portuguese-inspired Aguardente Crawdad shooters for them to enjoy. Surely they’ll understand what we’re really trying to achieve here and walk away nicely. What liquor permit?

  • WineChick

    Hey, that is what Kent Rathbun does. Has all kinds of events at his house. Wonder if he charges sales tax?