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Restaurant for Sale in Dallas

Occasionally I peruse the commercial real estate listings for restaurants on the market. Today, Disher “TLS”, points us to this site.

Well established 18+ years, diner for sale in Dallas, located in a popular shopping district. Open 6 days a week Monday thru Friday 6am to 8pm Saturday 6am to 3pm Sunday closed. We serve breakfast, lunch & dinner that has been written up in such periodicals as: “D magazine, Dallas Morning News, Chanel 5 news, The Observer, and many other smaller publications” for being a great place to come and get some down home cooking food. We seat 160, and many times are at capacity with a line out the door. Staff is kind and courteous, and many have been here since the opening of the store 18 years ago creating many regular customers. Owner is wanting to move closer to his family who live too far away for a commute.

Oh time consuming guessing games. Love them. Let’s see, opened in September of 1991…I’d say the “kind staff” alone is worth $800,000.

10 comments on “Restaurant for Sale in Dallas

  1. I think the key thing here is “popular shopping district” … which diners have been open 18 years? Original Market Diner is too small.

  2. I wouldn’t say Dream Cafe serves “down home cooking food.” Also, I think it pre-dates 1991 (but I could be wrong about that). Does anything in Lakewood or Lake Highlands come to mind?

  3. Is that “Chanel No. 5″ news? Are they trying to make a comment about how that newscast smells?