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37 comments on “Best Chocolate Cake in Dallas? Take Two

  1. Driving me crazy. The plate doesn’t look like fine china – it’s kind of heavy. I can’t think of a restaurant with plates like that. There appears to be some design made of cocoa on the rim. This is preventing me from doing my job so please, someone, guess it!

  2. There is no restaurant called “Ill Conceived Idea That Clearly Won’t Work,” which is what trying to split a chocolate anything three ways would be.

  3. Neiman Marcus (that ‘N’ on the near side of the plate looked like the NM logo … or it’s just a bit of drizzle)

  4. I rarely order chocolate cake out. Do you know if Three Forks has a pastry chef making it in house?

    A bit off topic – what do you think of the presentation? I don’t like desserts dusted with powdered sugar, especially on white plates.

  5. PF: I hate plates with anything dusted on the rims–parsely, powdered sugar, or spices. It distracts from the food and looks like someone forgot to clean the edge of the plate. The waiter told me the cake was made in house.

  6. Chocolate Angel Too has the best chocolate cake in town. Moist and not too sweet but sweet enough. Yum!