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47 comments on “What is For Lunch Today?

  1. haven’t been there yet, but on the SE corner of NWHWY and Abrams, where the sack ‘n’ sav is/used to be, is a place with a vienna beef umbrella out front and a sign that sez “CHICAGO HOT DOG” I understand that Eddie, is the owner. It has been reported to me by one of our servers, Joon, that he has the real deal; chicago dogs with poppy seed buns, green relish, and all, Italian beef and Polish Sausage…..droooollll

  2. Brian, you forgot to mention that the “green” relish on a Chicago red hot is a green not found in nature (except around the Braidwood #2 reactor, that is).

  3. I am friends with the a guy who owns mange catering in plano and he is opening an awesome hot dog concept in two months. All the dogs are grass fe all beef. He has told me they will the most unique around. Good times.

  4. That is one sweet-looking pup.

    That place across the street from Keller’s that lusher is talking about is really good. There is no conspicuous signage. Or kitchen. Its pretty weird in there.

  5. That place is right by my house and I’m assuming they’ll likely go out of business unless the guys from Adam Paints (two doors down) frequent enough to keep the lights on. Not the best location….

    On another note, your dog seems to be pondering. Is there a flock of ducks in the distance?

  6. Ah, if we only had a Sandy’s Famous Hot Dogs from Columbia, SC. Specifically, a slaw dog – Chili, cheese, and cole slaw (don’t knock it till you have tried it) or as the locals would say, “drag it through the garden”…….Sheer greatness……….

  7. I’m not a member of the Twisted Root cult, but I just had a hot dog there and it was pretty damn good. Thick and spicy, and it came on a nifty roll sprinkled with poppy seeds. Didn’t even need mustard or relish, oh no no no.

  8. I’m a big fan of the Kirsch’s hot dogs from Austin. We used to sell them at a country club I worked at, with homemade sweet/hot relish. I would dream of making pigs in a blanket with their jalapeno sausages. Now I’m hungry again.

  9. Bethany is correct, there is a “Dog House” near Hillcrest and Arapaho… however it is truly hit or miss. Tiny freestanding place near the Starbucks. Don’t go out of your way, but if you find yourself in the area, give it a shot. And, yes, they do have the “neon” green relish. Dogs are Vienna, and you have a 50/50 shot of getting a poppy seed bun.

  10. Actually, I make the best ones at home–lots of cheese, onions, dill relish and chili, toasted under the broiler until the cheese barely melts…

  11. The best place to get a good dog in Dallas – right outside the exit of a Home Depot in a bad part of town…

  12. Ben: Your friend has a “dog” stand and also another business named Mange Catering? That is somewhat off putting, or is it just me?

  13. @FortWorthGuy: I’m going to admit that “mange” as in the English word for animal skin disease was my first thought – but I’m sure it’s got to be “mange” as in the French word for eat. Given the context clue that it’s the name of a catering place and all. Of course, there’s the competing context clue that it’s owned by a guy who also owns a dog stand, so maybe……. nahhh… that couldn’t be

  14. I have gone out of my way to go to the “dog House” although I did not remember that is what is was called until today. I have always gotten a poppy seed bun.

  15. JG:

    Mme Perry, my French teacher, would be impressed that I (together with Babel Fish) still remember all/some of what she tried to teach me. Manger = to eat. Mangé = ate. A little diacritical mark clears it up and classes it up also. Mangé Catering….ok by me.

  16. Another blogger here wild for “Wild About Harry’s”.
    ★★★ for the hot dogs. And, ★★★★★ for Harry, himself.

  17. I’ve got the dogs in the freezer and no buns! The agony!! Just when I was ready to hunker down for the evening…

    Lulu’s name fits her. She’s a real babe.

  18. Okay. Get in the car and drive to Columbus. Dinglewood Pharmacy right across from the home of Alfac. Go for the world-famous scrambled dog. Don’t ask. Just savor.

  19. Hirsch’s Speciality Meats in Plano. All the ingredients for an authentic Vienna Beef hot dog. Btw- if you need the fixins’ for I talian beef, it’s there too

  20. Had a Bison dog last week at Cowboy Chow. It was large and delish. Waiter mentioned it – not even sure if it’s made it to the menu.

    I saw a dog episode of DDD a couple of nights ago and have been wanting one, too!

  21. Eddies Chicago dog is righteous. (The guy at SE corner of NWHwy and Abrams) you almost feel sorry for the guy bc he’s working hard and turns out a good product but lacks the other skills for success. Chicago dog, chili dog and maxwell st polish sausages all available. Definitely worth a visit.

  22. Dog House at Hillcrest and Arapaho is great. I love the poppy seed bun. When the chili is fresh, they do a great chili dog.

    And not to get “chainy” on everyone, but Fuddruckers does a good dog too.

  23. I had a reindeer dog in Helsinki a couple of weeks ago, very good.
    Best dog in Dallas used to be at the Burger House on Hillcrerst, Jack would drop em in the deep fryer to make em rip, the finish on the flat top.

  24. “Original Hot Dog Shoppe” in Pittsburgh, PA (actually Oakland) on/near the Pitt campus. The “Dirty O” locals call it. Great Chili Cheese Dog, and a Slaw Dog, too!

  25. Pink’s in LA is terrific, they are about to open the first one ouside the city in Planet Hollywood on the strip in Las Vegas.

  26. CM –

    Can’t believe someone else has eaten at DINGLEWOOD PHARMACY in Columbus, GA. Not that I would drive that far for a scramble dog, but it is my hometown and they are pretty awesome.

  27. As mentioned earlier, excellent Chicago style hot dogs at the Dog House (Hillcrest and Arapaho) and priced right.

    Wild About Harry’s makes my hot dog pants go crazy but when is it NOT crowded, especially with all of those Parkie tots running around.

  28. “joes.” mentioned the Vienna hot dogs from Hirsch’s in Plano. A better bet at Hirsch’s is their Thumann’s (brand) hot dogs in the natural casing. They can’t be beat!

  29. I’m with you kYle. I’m wild for Harry’s, too, but c’mon. We have a place in town NAMED after their AWARD-WINNING hot dog – Angry Dog. Nancy, you can hardly say we have “no hot dog shops in Dallas.”

  30. What does Dallas have that Fort Worth doesn’t have? It’s 30 miles away from a world class city.

  31. my first job was working at poochies at lovers and greenville in the 1970s while at highland park high school.