DMN & Eatsblog Loses Shannon Sutlief to Pegasus News

Yow. Zah. Pegasus News is, as my mother always says, chicken on fire. First they announce “Outbursts,” and now I learn on Twitter they’ve lured Shannon Sutlief from her perches at  DMN,, and Eatsblog to the roost at PegNews.  I wonder if roost-ruling Teresa Gubbins (no link, Sweet Cheeks, I do have limits) will even talk to me anymore. She’s pretty big time now.

4 comments on “DMN & Eatsblog Loses Shannon Sutlief to Pegasus News

  1. Whoa, Shannon! Looks like the faces at DMN have gone through a lot of changes over the last couple of years. I hope she enjoys her new digs.

  2. at the risk of posting too many comments here on SideDish, i’d point out that shannon will be ruling her own roost at Pegasus, far grander than the realm of restaurants.

    sure is awesome that she’s a coworker now, since she is fantastic