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Making Dallas Even Better

Rumors Behind the Restaurant News: Tracy Miller of Local in Deep Ellum Looking Around?

One of my I-know-everybody friends was lunching at Salum in Uptown and files this report: While lunching at Salum, I saw Local chef/owner Tracy Miller with Bryan Haase checking out the abandoned space next door to Salum. It used to be Couture Cleaners. Looks like someone is planning a new restaurant. Question: Is the talented […]

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Janet Kafka: SideDish Readers Want Taberna del Alabardero in Dallas

Janet and Terry Kafka in Aspen last summer. This just in from Andrew Chalk: Thanks to Kirk for the heads-up to this article from the El Paso Times. Basque Restaurant Taberna del Alabardero is preparing a multi-course meal at the Coronado County Club in El Paso consisting of specialties from the Basque region of Spain. […]

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Former Dallas Restaurant Critics: Mary Brown Malouf

Mary Brown Malouf at my high school graduation. I’ve been at my post here at D Magazine for 13 years. Sometime I wonder how many calories I have eaten; other times I wonder how many of those calories were actually worth ingesting. Restaurant reviewers eat more low-to-medium quality food than spectacular meals. Anywhoo, in the […]

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Is the City of Dallas Health Department Shutting Down Local Farmers Markets?

I’ve been hearing rumors for weeks that city officials were making the rounds and visiting the small farmers markets that have cropped up in spots such as Celebration, Bolsa, and North Haven Gardens. Now comes official word from Ed Lowe of Celebration. They have shut him down and he’s going to the Dallas City Council. […]

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Samar by Stephan Pyles in Dallas: VIP Grand Opening Party

Samar’s creators paid huge attention to design. The following video is a tour of the restaurant with Stephan Pyles. (Pardon the sound; the place was packed.) We sent Andrew Chalk to cover the semi-soft opening of Samar by Stephan Pyles. Here is his report. You want chandeliers? Stephan Pyles bought some chandeliers for Samar. Go […]

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