Submarine Sandwiches: Jersey Mike’s in Dallas

mikesYesterday I was in a mad dash and multi-tasking to the point of being dangerous on the road. On top of it all, it was 2:30 p.m. and I hadn’t eaten all day. Speeding down Spring Valley, I noticed a “Grand Opening…Jersey Mike’s” sign. “Oh goodie, good copy,” I thought as I screeched into the parking lot. And lunch.

I’ve never been much of a sub sandwich fan—to me, once you pile on all of the ingredients and douse them with oil and vinegar, they all taste the same. I’m sure some versions have better bread and others have qualities I fail to appreciate, but ordering a sub sandwich for lunch isn’t my first, or fifteen, choice.

But yesterday, I ordered one at Jersey Mike’s. The store opened had just opened the day before and was doing a brisk business. The manager was shocked when I told him I’d never heard of Jersey Mike’s. I learned that the original opened in 1956 and currently there are over 350 locations nationwide. The manager, Dalton, held up a big roasting pan full of two raw meat and said, “You don’t see this in too many sub shops.”

I didn’t want to disappoint him so I ordered the “Famous Roast Beef and Provolone Cooked on premises using only Certified Angus USDA choice top rounds.” (Pictured) I added all of the fresh ingredients and oil & vinegar. The bread had a slight crunch and didn’t crumble all over my lap. The beef was a beautiful light pink. I’m sorry, it tasted like every other submarine sandwich I’ve ever ordered. Except Potbelly. There I said it. Potbelly is better. TGIF.

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  1. Well at least you ordered the best thing on the menue. I like the roast beef ,but what I appreciate most is the people who work there are not your typical ” I hate this job” teenagers.

  2. Maybe it’s because I grew up in Philly and have eaten a trillion great subs in my life there and in Jersey, but I think Potbelly completely sucks. The food doesn’t taste bad, per se, but any sandwich I’ve ever had there has been spectacularly mediocre and blah. If you are naming Potbelly the best sub sandwhich, then I’m pretty sure you are, as Vic said, doing it wrong.

  3. Voila in Allen had the best subs anywhere in Dallas – house made baguettes or jalapeno cheese baguettes, Boars Head meats, great whole grain mustards, roasted peppers, etc. It really sucks that they closed.

  4. Love Jersey Mikes! They opened up next to our office in Flower Mound, and gave us all vouchers for a free combo meal to try them out..

  5. The Italian Stallion at Jimmy’s is a pretty good sub. I’m also a fan, although probably for mostly sentimental reasons, of New York Subway.

  6. Nancy, to “do it right” you either have to fly to the east coast (or new orleans.. that’ll do) OR have someone there ship you some overnight bread. Bread. THAT is what makes any sandwich, and unfortunately the hoagie rolls available here just aren’t quite right. same as with your problems finding a good bagel. see what i mean? i don’t know if it’s the water? or the altitude ??? or the attitude !!! No Good Bread in Dallas!

  7. I’m a Yankee by birth and spent the first 8 years of my life developing a love of good subs. Moved to Ft. Worth and found Galligaskins subs. At the time, they were exactly like the subs in Boston. Haven’t been there in a while so I’m thinkin’ a road trip is in order.

  8. NN: you know how you feel about mac & cheese dishes here? that’s how I feel about “sub sandwiches” and “philly steaks” in Dallas.

    Being a Philly transplant I realize that it would be deathly difficult to find BBQ back home that can stack up to such food found here in TX. And I feel the same way about my beloved foods like “sub sandwiches” in DFW.

    Rule #1 – while I like the name and probably know 2-3 guys named Jersey Mike back home, calling it a sub sandwich is the start of the failure. They’re called hoagies.

    #2 – that looks like no legit hoagie I’ve ever seen.

    #3 – the bread should come from one particular place, and while they do ship I don’t believe that is the correct roll.

    Example: this is one of the best hoagie & steak places anywhere. It’s in Philly The food looks basic, the menus look like they were made on an Apple 2c computer, and the food is off the chain.

    And FWIW while Pat’s Steaks in Philly was mentioned on Mad Men this week, it’s a tourist trap to be avoided.

  9. why would you add oil and vinegar to a roast beef sub? of course they all taste the same if you do that. only add oil and vinegar if you think it’s gonna taste like ass without it.

  10. Michael speaks the truth about Pat’s and Dalessandros. I still like Tony Luke’s anbd White House the best, though. By a mile.

    It IS all about the bread, and that bread is Amoroso. Just looking at this website makes my mouth water.

    …and now I’m homesick.

  11. @Michael Davis:

    Why is it that Chubby’s, just across Henry, doesn’t get any love? I lived in East Falls for a year and can honestly say that Chubby’s is the only thing I miss about Philly.

    Am I doing it wrong as well?

  12. I love Jersey Mike’s but agree with Luniz, I wouldn’t put oil & vinegar on a roast beef sub. I get mine with just tomato, mayo and lettuce and it’s delicious. I especially like that their roast beef is usually on the rare side. They also make a surprisingly good cheesesteak although not as good as Fred’s Downtown Philly.

  13. I just want to say, I love Jersey Mike’s! Recently opened only 5 doors from my store on Lovers Lane, I eat there at least 3 days a week. The owner, Eric and his crew are delightful, helpful, and always, happy. A far cry from the dour crew at Subway. And the subs are miles better. And, less expensive as well! I love the chicken salad (made in house). Made with big chunks of fresh chicken, they load up my mini wheat sub that’s been scooped out as requested. They are unbelievably accommodating. Even getting in a supply of my favorite Lay’s “baked” potato chips with sour cream and green onion. It was in the store 3 days after my request. They even gave me a few free. I also love their “blueberry green tea” iced tea.
    Bye, bye Subway. You’re history for me.

  14. we had a sub shop in Snider Plaza when I was growing up & Jersey Mike’s is the closest to that ANYWHERE…curious…do ya’ll think for one minute that the original JM’s didn’t serve ‘em ‘Mike’s way’…come on

  15. jersey mikes is awesome! definitely head and shoulders above potbellys but everyone has the right to their opinion even if it is ridiculous.

  16. Firstly I need to say that I am the Dalton mentioned in the above article and secondly I would like to thank Nancy for stopping by and having a Jersey Mikes Sub at my new store on the corner of Spring Valley and the Tollway and also for letting everyone know that we do only use Certified Angus, top choice inside rounds cooked fresh in store to a nice medium finish. I can respect Nancy’s opinion on our roast beef vs. Pottbellys even though I believe it to be wrong, but I think what we really need is a good old fashioned throw down if we really want to know the truth.

    It is not my style to critique my competition, but I would welcome the opportunity for the people of Dallas to make the call.

    If Potbellys is up to the challenge then I say bring it.

    If D Magazine is interested in helping to organize an event like this and if Potbellys is brave enough to enter the ring, then I will be there ready to slice. My only stipulation is that we make it benifit a local charity.

    You know where to find me.

    Dalton Stewart
    Jersey Mikes Subs
    Famous Since 56

  17. My colleagues and I eat at Jersey Mike’s two times/week. It is that good. Not only does Mr. Dalton have mad meat slicing skills (he keeps that line moving), he may just remember your sub of choice after only a few times in. 1 for JM. Goodnight PB.

  18. Mike’s is pretty great and definitely more bang for the buck than PB! I also 2nd Mark’s comments on the employees – definitely noticeable each visit!

  19. The Jersey Mike’s I visit has the roast beef, medium rare as well as medium. I love it rare on a wheat roll with provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles and their thousand Island dressing. Jersey Mike’s, rocks!

  20. I’ve had the #13 at the Jersey Mike’s on Lovers lane three times now and it’s not bad.

    Dallas is not a good sandwich town. Subways suck, the Great American Hero might’ve been great in 1974 but it ain’t no more, and God save me, don’t tell me to go to Antone’s for the Supreme Po Boy.

    Unimpressed by Potbelly’s and some props for Schlotsky’s.

    FWIW, try the Philly Cheese Steak at Lovers Pizza.

  21. White House Subs are the best sandwich I’ve ever had, hands down.

    Does anyone remember Mosca Bros in Plano, probably closed in 1985. Those were the best sandwiches around. Now the best cold cut sub around is the Italian Sub (hold the wilted shredded romaine though please) served at Jimmy’s Food Store. Some would argue for the Italian Stallion, but I think its just too damn big.

    Jersey Mikes, Jersey Joes, Jimmy Johns, Potbelly… are all assembly line sandwiches. They are fine for filling your belly but all lack any real character.

  22. What about NY Subway off of Hillcrest? That is my go to place and I love it. But I do love a good sandwhich, so I may just have to try Jersey Mike’s.

    To me, Potbelly is in a totally different category to me that other Sub places. It is good… just different.

  23. Jersey Mike’s > Potbelly’s. Don’t understand why all these sub shops have to toast their subs. I’ve not had the real “Jersey” sub, however I’ve had the New Orleans muffaletta sandwich & know how delicious bread, ingredients & oil create a delicious sandwich! JM’s is pretty good for a quick, tasty sub.