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Making Dallas Even Better

Celebrating Texas Cheese With the Winners of the American Cheese Society Competition

In early August, I reported on the Dallas area cheesemakers who won big time national awards at the 25th Annual American Cheese Society Competition in Austin. I’ll wait while you read the post… …Okay, so now you know Latte Da, Lucky Layla, and Mozzarella Company made our region proud. In a follow-up post, I printed […]

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The Best Onion Rings in Dallas? Guess the Restaurant!

Diamonds in the rough. Eat these now. I love onion rings. I love them big and tall. I love them greasy and small. Recently I ordered onion rings at a restaurant in Dallas and I was shocked—these are the best rings I’ve had in Dallas in a long time. Since Restaurant Week basically kills the […]

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SideDish TableTalk: Three Jews, Zinsky’s Deli in Dallas, Six Opinions

We hope to start an occasional feature here on SideDish in which one of us adventurous eaters endeavors to discuss a restaurant experience with either some dinner companions or a couple of Dishers who might have expertise in the area. For the first installment of SideDish TableTalk, I knew just where to go to round […]

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