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Turning the Tables: What is the Best Meal You Ever Ate in Dallas?

catvomitsign-205x3001Okay, Dishers, let’s hit this one out to the cheap seats. Here are some of my most memorable bites in Dallas:

Steak au poivre with fried parsley at Ewald’s.
Chris Ward’s halibut at The Mercury.
Chiles rellenos at original Matt’s.
Wingfield’s burger. (Pat Sharpe, you blew it.)
Every meal I ate when Avner Samuel was the chef at The Mansion.
Pork buns at Yao Fuzi in Plano.
Cinnamon rolls at Southern Kitchen.
Youngblood’s fried chicken.
Kona crusted steak at Capital Grille.
Chicken fried steak and any pie at Ranchman’s in Ponder.

  • m

    This is so hard to narrow down. Off the top of my head…

    -Short rib at Fearing’s and Stephan Pyles
    -Mac and cheese and crab dip at Hibiscus
    -Turkey burger, tater tots, and free beer after a sweaty summer run around the lake at Fat Daddy’s in Casa Linda
    -Truffle popcorn and tableside smores at Tillmans
    -Fried chicken at Babe’s in Garland
    -Crispy tuna roll at Piranha in Arlington
    -Scallops at Abacus
    -hot’n crumbled pizza with Jimmy’s Sausage at Fireside Pies
    -Chocolate Bag at Trulucks

    Every meal I’ve ever had at Bugatti.
    RW 2009 at Fearings
    RW 2008 at Craft (beverage manager was our waiter, ended up giving us his email so he could give us tips on wines to try in Greece on our honeymoon.)

  • BigDBlonde

    -Cheeseburgers at Wingfield’s & Twisted Root
    -Tacos de Bistec at Gordo’s Tacos in Oak Cliff (with onions & cilantro!)
    -Chopped Brisket Sandwich & Onion Rings at any Sonny Bryan’s
    -Fried Shrimp & Oysters at Hook Line & Sinker
    -Calamari Salad at Dragonfly
    -Brisket Tacos at Mia’s
    -Any Steak at Nick & Sam’s
    -Beef Carpaccio at Bice

  • TLS

    -Lobster Wraps at Hibiscus
    -Asian Burger at Central Market in Plano
    -Camarones el mojo de ajo at Gloria’s in Frisco
    -Cheddar fondue with Beef Tenderloin at Jeraboam
    -Fries with blue cheese dressing at Wingstop
    -Every Feed Me/Wine Me at The Green Room
    -Tasting menu at Lola
    -Soft Shell Crab at Citrus Bistro
    -Zinsky Sandwich at Zinsky’s
    -Lobster Bisque at Central 214 (pre-Blythe)
    -Anything Danielle Custer made at Laurels

  • Steve

    Dallas could use some recreational options other than restaurants, judging from this article and the waistlines I see around here.

  • Kam

    Omakase at Yutaka
    Tasting menu by Tre Wilcox during wild mushroom season

  • TLS

    That’s hilarious Steve, given that this is a food blog. I recommend you go hang out at the “Museum Mania” board.

    And the “T” in TLS stands for tiny, as in my waistline.

  • Pedro527

    Sorry…it was in Fort Worth…the elk loin at Lanny’s Alta Cocina Mexicana…

  • DALLASChef

    Brad- I think we got the shaft too!

    *the Pheasant tagine from the opening menu at Charlie Palmer. UNFRICKIN BELIEVABLE!
    *The Roasted Cx at the Grape. Simply perfect!
    *The Fried Cx at Brothers. RIP :(
    *The Abueleta Ice Cream at Stephan Pyles. I could bathe in it.

    And those are a few of my favorite things.

    BTW Nancy…I’m still willing to tell the Nove story in exchange for dinner…..

  • dallasboiler

    The Green Room — I took a date there in ’99/’00 and had the best (and largest) lamb chops that I’ve had in my life. It was the special that night, as I often went back hoping for a encore performance. I also loved their mushroom appetizer, which was good upon every visit.

    Lola — I’ve never tasted one thing there that wasn’t out of this world.

    Chip’s (Cole) — It was my Saturday/Sunday morning hangover cure to head down there each week to grab a good greasy burger, fries, & Diet Coke and read the Observer. Those burgers tasted like the best thing ever on the Saturdays and Sundays for some reason.

    Liberty Noodle — Amazing Pad Thai … really miss this place too!

    York St. — My wife and I celebrated dinner there the night we got engaged, and they hit the ball out of the park with both their food and their service.

    Routh St. Brewery — I went here once for a New Year’s Eve dinner and had a fantastic elk steak paired with some amazing beers. It was a very underappreciated place.

  • CDR

    Colorado Lamb Chops @ Al Biernat’s

  • Jennifer

    Anything from Sharon Hage–“fried” okra; tuna tartare; baba ghanoush (don’t even really like eggplant); peach buckle (still dream about it and it’s been four years); kibbeh; avocado tossed with fennel, lemon juice, and sea salt (crave it daily); roasted Windy Meadows chicken; peanut butter cookie and peanut butter ice cream sammies.

    Also, Peruvian purple potato gnocchi with blue cheese sauce and spinach at Tei-An (yes, you read that correctly).

    Oh, and the Big Sexy at Tillman’s Roadhouse (not to mention that addictive complimentary popcorn) is totally worth the inevitable gastrointestinal distress. IJS.

  • George

    Margareta pizza and Tajarin at Nonna. Perfect.

  • April

    Chips and queso and fried pickles (yes, that’s a meal!) from Snuffers

    Green chile enchiladas from Chuy’s

    Blue Mesa’s Sunday brunch (the unlimited champagne helps!)

    Ol South biscuits and gravy

    Mellow Mushroom’s pretzels

  • TL

    One of my best meals was at Abacus 4 years ago. I had the buffalo tenderloin, and it was so amazing that it started my foodie quest. While these meals don’t stick out in my mind, the individual items below made me extremely happy. They are in no particular order. Don’t try these if you are on Weight Watchers:)

    1)Cinnamon Roll at Mecca
    2)Bread at Nonna
    3)Filet at Del Frisco’s in Ft. Worth
    4)Mac and cheese at Hibiscus
    5)Mashed Potatoes at Oceanaire room
    6)A bacon, manchego, apple sandwich at Charlie Palmer
    7)Sunchoke and potato soup at Charlie Palmer
    8)Spinach salad at Bolsa
    9)Cheeseburger at Mercury Room
    10)Lemon Coconut cupcake at Sprinkles
    11)Bing cherry dessert at Local
    12)Mini burrito with deluxe tomatillo sauce at Chuy’s- a staple

  • Lesli

    The beef tenderloin with blue cheese or the shrimp & grits at Hatties.
    The short ribs w/mac & cheese at Tillman’s Roadhouse.
    The yeast rolls at Bubba’s.
    The grilled salad at 2900 (RIP)
    The gyros at Stratos

  • Margie

    Every bite I’ve ever eaten at Bijoux.

  • Duncan

    great list here … many of my favorites are up here already

    I’ll add my usual (steak and 5-grain salad) at Sevy’s

  • Shannon

    The best meal I have evered ate in Dallas.

    It was actually today, 08-27-09.

    I had the chicken tamales – WOW! They are so good. They will make you “slap your mama”.

    Seriously, this dish is wonderful (and not something on the set menu).

    BTW – The coconut cream pie for desert wasn’t bad. either.

  • Shannon

    Guess, it would help if I stated Where … Al Biernat’s

  • Shane

    I guess I forgot a few.

    The xioa long bao (soup dumplings) at Jeng Chi in Richardson.

    Pita and stuffed zucchini on the buffet at Afrah in Rcihardson.

    Kenafa at International Food Store in S. Arlington.

    Any meal I have had at Potager in Arlington.

    Special po boy (Roast Beef, Ham and Gravy aka Debris) at Big Easy in Plano.

    The “International” flavors at Old Town Creamery in Plano. Fig being my favorite.

    The almojabanas con azucar at El Portal in Carrollton.

    Blueberry muffin at Yummy Donuts in Dallas.

    The absolute best pastrami (DaBecca) made in Clifton, Texas available at most Central Markets.

    All of the cheeses at Stuart Veldhuizen’s – Veldhuizen Texas farmstead Cheese in Dublin.

    Fried Taco at Escondido close to Parkland. Not really up to Scott’s standard at but I have been going for many years.

    The pastries at Argentina Bakery in Irving.

    The empanadas at Don Panza in Oak Cliff.

    Any meal at either South Dallas Cafe or Sweet Georgia Browns in Oak Cliff.

    Doubles and the curried oxtails at Taste of the Islands in Plano.

    House smoked salmon club at Sea Breeze in Plano.

  • Dressage Barbie

    Two years ago, we attending a launch for Nobu Matsuhisa’s new cookbook, Nobu West, at Nobu. The menu that evening was perfectly balanced and the service was the best we have encountered in Dallas. Two standouts from the evening were the seared salmon tataki and paper thin salad with a jalepeno dressing and the duck breast with orange miso. While we have had many great meals here in Dallas, this was one of those evenings were everything came together beautifully.

  • Justafoodie

    Eden on West Lovers Lane : Best homemade, ALL FROM SCRATCH meatloaf and mashed potatoes (made there from whole potatoes) that I have ever eaten anywhere! Also the BEST QUICHE and Cobblers in the world.

  • Justafoodie

    What Was The Best Food You Have Ever Had In Dallas? Eden on West Lovers Lane : The BEST all from scratch meatloaf and mashed potatoes (definately from whole cooked poataoes) anywhere in DFW at any price!! Eden also has the BEST QUICHE and Fresh Fruit COBBLERS anywhere in the world; they are just “to die” for!

  • Jodydem

    It’s many years since we’ve lived in Dallas , but the French fried mushrooms and burgers at Snuffer’s remain in memory.

    2 of the best restaurants are no longer on the scene, I fear. La Tosca on Inwood rd was always special.

    Any of Guy Callauad’s places were always great. We followed him from the little place in the shopping center, to the small house and then to his 2 purpose built reataurants. Dallas lost a lot when those 2 moved.