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The $8.32 Lunch: Cowboy Chicken in Dallas

chicken1It has been eons since I visited Cowboy Chicken on the corner of Greenville and Lovers. In short: the chicken roasting on the wood-fired rotisserie smells better than it tastes. Unless you love salt. The dark meat is so tender tiny bones slid along with it into my mouth and caused me to semi-choke a couple of times. (This probably would not have occurred if I hadn’t been typing and eating at the same time.) The chicken is a little greasy for my lunchtime tastes but would probably be the perfect antidote (salt and grease) to a hangover. The green beans were firm and snappy and briefly spiked with black pepper. The big kick of vinegar in the cole slaw caused my eyes to water. I could have eaten 10 of the yeast rolls. Next time I will try their chicken enchiladas—several veteran customers reccommended them.

9 comments on “The $8.32 Lunch: Cowboy Chicken in Dallas

  1. The enchiladas consist of a cream tomatillo sauce poured over that very same greasy chicken. Not my favorite.

  2. Cowboy Chicken and I go way back . . . to the North Dallas years. Chicken enchiladas, pinto beans, buttered corn. Last meal.

  3. I tried the enchiladas and I was very disappointed. I agree about the delicious smell. It’s good enough to induce hallucinations when you’re hungry.

  4. El Pollo Regio — much better — fire-roasted chicken from Monterrey — several locations, great creamy jalapeno salsa

  5. NN, the enchiladas rock as hangover cure, especially when the taters are added!

  6. Cowboy Chicken is great, I recommend the 1/2 White Chicken(2 Breasts, 2 Wings) platter with green beans and campfire veggies It is great!