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Bailey’s Prime Plus Announces Culinary Team For New Park Lane Restaurant

Ed “George Steinbrenner” Bailey has announced his culinary dream team for Bailey’s Prime Plus restaurant set to open in mid-September in the new Park Lane development across Central Expressway from Northpark.

Starting at co-execuchefs are Israel “Izzy” Voirin and Christopher “Christopher” Meier. Izzy recently played for Nick & Sam’s; Christopher spent five years at Capital Grille. Both will follow corporate execuchef  Oona Settembre’s game plan closely. Leading off at sommelier will be Jeffrey “Jeff” Ivy, a veteran cork popper at Cool River and Pappas Bros Steakhouse in Dallas. Jeff also lists himself as a Certified Sommelier, Certified Specialist of Wine, and a Top Texas Sommelier (not familiar with this one).

Excuse me, Mr. Bailey, tell me how you feel? “I am extremely proud of the team we have assembled for Bailey’s Park Lane,” said owner Ed Bailey. “We sought out the finest and most experienced talent we could find and we are looking forward to welcoming our first customers in September.” Wait, Mr. Bailey…If this is true, then why did you let Judd Fruia go? Mr. Bailey? Hello?

10 comments on “Bailey’s Prime Plus Announces Culinary Team For New Park Lane Restaurant

  1. You feel that way Twinwillow because unless you post at least 19 time day on a food blog, you feel another way.

  2. Certified, CSW, ok, legit, Top Texas Sommelier? Didn’t see this guy on the podium at TexSom nor in the competition at all for that matter. Gotta call BS on that one.

  3. Kim Pierce says, “Ivy participated in the “top sommelier competition” in 2005, the first year of the Texas Sommelier Conference. That year, all the participants got pins of recognition as Texas Top Sommeliers. Plural, with an “s.”
    It wasn’t till the next year, 2006, that the competition chose first-, second- and third-place winners.
    Spelling error in press release…..

  4. Bailey runs the always disgusting Patrizio’s. You can tell a person by the company he keeps. If Bailey tolerates Patrizio’s, what does that say about ability to operate any restaurant?

    This guy hung some Ralph Lauren wallpaper at a McD. on Preston and Royal. Big Deal………… Who Cares. Now for the Conclusion, Judd is a Professional of the highest caliber. How could someone like that work side by side with a SchlockMeister like Bailey?

  5. Robbie you are so right. And that Montfort Monstrosity. Who wants their McD’s featured on the travel channel? Who wants RL interiors, clean bathrooms, and burlwood imported from the Carpathian Mountains. Give me my antiseptic, banal McD’s Dining room that will help pad those first year margins. Bailey is a surely a charlatan, worse, he is a true Schlockmeister.

    So Bob, if Bailey is all those things, then what does that make someone like you?