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37 comments on “Who Makes the Best Chocolate Chip Cookies in Dallas?

  1. Kessler Cookies are the best, but I think those guys are on vacation for a few more days. Wackym’s Kitchem makes some very tasty cookies, too.

  2. JD’s Chippery in snider plaza has amazing chocolate chip cookies … the chocolate chocolate chip muffins are also great!

  3. My house. Except I don’t feel like baking today. So here’s a tip:

    Toni’s cc cookies at Creme de la Cookie were named “Best Chocolate Chip Cookies in Orange County”.

  4. I know it’s an odd choice with all the JD’s and Tiffs Treats of the world, but the chocolate chip cookies at Eatzi’s are my fave.

  5. I had a really good one at Zinsky’s the other day. A little pricey, but they are so rich that one was plenty for me.

    The ones at a particular bakery on Greenville used to be my favorite, but at each visit it seemed like they were less and less “done” each time. When the lady behind the counter told me this was intentional, I gave up. The thoroughly baked ones were excellent though.

  6. This is going to sound bitter (semisweet?), but just bake ‘em at home using quality ingredients. And another vote for Doughmonkey, if they were still around.

    I just don’t understand all the love JD’s Chippery gets.

  7. Chocolate chip “pillow cookies” from Great Endings! Choc. chip cookie stuffed w/ a brownie inside! Ann, the owner, is also working on a peanut butter variety.

    Soooo good – follow my link for a picture!

  8. Nancy, Nancy, Nancy … I hear they can be precooked to a point, and then warmed up in your oven when you want them. Kind of like paella.

  9. Doughmonkey…absolutely, even though they closed up shop last year. I still make their recipe for the espresso chocolate chip cookies when I feel like a chocolate and coffee buzz.

    For those looking for a great chocolate chip cookie recipe, I can recommend the one in the America’s Test Kitchen recipe book, either the main one or the Baking edition. Use the best chocolate chips, butter and flour possible. Use parchment or a Silpat on a non-insulated cookie sheet. They come out dense, moist, chewy, soft, but not-too-rich.

  10. Call Williams & Sonoma and see if they still sell “Bouchon Bakery Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix”. I know, I know…you still have to bake them AND it’s stretching the definition of “in Dallas” WAY too far, but I promise these cookies are riot-worthy.

  11. Screen Door in One Arts Plaza has the best chocolate chip cookies in Dallas. Served with a little jug of milk!

  12. Jackie Spratt cakes has the BEST chocolate chip (oatmeal) cookies. Although, there is oatmeal involved so not sure if those will count for a vote. They are not always available but you can usually call ahead and get some. I’m craving those now.Yum.

    I also love JDs Chippery.

  13. I like the bag of Albertson’s cookies for $3.99. They are awesome and you get a heck of a lot more than 12 for your $4!

  14. Coffee N Cream in Allen (near Stacy & 75). I think they won top honors for Taste of Collin County? Their pastry chef is truly inspired. Best scones I’ve ever eaten — ever! And their peanut butter cookie is to DIE FOR (and I could usually care less about peanut butter cookies). Better yet, they make homemade ice cream sandwiches with Bluebell ice cream between two of those yummy cookies of theirs…

  15. Craft Dallas… hands down. I would state that they have the best desserts then any other restaurant in Dallas. They just need the perfect cheese platter and I’m sold!!

  16. My mother-in-law makes great CC cookies. However, JD Chippery’s are even better. The semi-sweet is my favorite but they also offer milk chocolate. Their snickerdoodles are also great.

  17. Empire has a chocolate/chocolate chip (the “Chocolate Chubby”) that is killer. Same for Chocolate Macadamia Nut. Try the Hippie Trail Mix while you are at it.

  18. I know this is a shocker and it might not be the best, but Pei Wei has a great chocolate chip cookie. Don’t say NO WAY without trying it. I promise you will like it!

  19. Potbelly has a great chocolate chip oatmeal cookie.. and their sugar cookies are even better

  20. have none of you had the chocolate chip cookie tower at Tillman’s Roadhouse??? You are MISSING OUT! Crack in the form of cookie.
    gotta go there now for some.
    Come on Nancy, meet me there

  21. Absolutely, Creme de la Cookie – just heard they were in Forbes for one of the best in the nation. Had to try them, and ate 2 of them (ok, 6) yesterday and today. WOW – none better. Best in Dallas. Bar none. Used to like Tiff’s – but Creme is better.