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2009 Texas Sommelier Conference: Texas’ Best Sommelier

juneAs I mentioned earlier, while the 2009 Texas Sommelier Conference was taking place at the Four Seasons Resort & Club in Las Colinas, there were 21 Texas sommeliers competing for Texas’ Best Sommelier. Last night at the Grand Tasting, the winners were announced. June-Ann Rodil of Uchi in Austin won. Anibal Calcagno (Brenner’s Steakhouse in Houston) took 2nd, and John Honefenger (Tony’s in Houston) took third.

(James Tidwell, Devon Broglie, Craig Collins, June-Anne Rodil, Guy Stout, Drew Hendricks)

UPDATE: Photos from last night.

One comment on “2009 Texas Sommelier Conference: Texas’ Best Sommelier

  1. The Grand Tasting was terrific. The wines were fantastic. The food was wonderful as well. Some of the wines were from wineries with very small production, making it quite a pleasure tasting their wines with an owner/producer. I am grateful the Association allowing non-industry people such as myself to participate both in the Sunday tastings and the Grand tasting. See you next year!!!