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Kent Rathbun is Having a Dinner Party at His New Penthouse

macTracy (Shinsei) and Kent Rathbun have moved over on up to the east side with a deluxe penthouse in the sky and they are having a party. Here is what Kent’s peeps say:

“On August 25th, we will hold our inaugural wine dinner at Chef Kent and Tracy Rathbun’s new T19th Floor Penthouse at the Heights at Park Lane.  On a recent trip to Sonoma, Kent and Tracy had the pleasure of visiting Vision Cellars and dining at owner Mac McDonald’s (pictured left) house with his lovely wife, Lil.  They were so enamored of both Mac and his wines, they knew the next time he was in town, they would love to host a dinner with Mac. A small boutique winery in Sonoma, Mac’s wines are such a pleasure to drink, you won’t want to miss this event. It will be a very special dinner and very limited in number! JUMP for the deets.
The wine featured are some of Mac’s favorites:

2007 Vision Cellars, White Wine, Blanc Gris; 2008 Vision Cellars, Rose Table Wine; 2007 Vision Cellars Noir, Sonoma County and 2006 Vision Cellars Pinot Noir, Rosellas Vineyard, Santa Lucia Highlands.  The dessert wine will be supplied by the Rathbun’s friends, Clay and Brenda Cockerell.  We will taste their inauguaral vintage of La Douce Revanche from their winery, Cockerell Family Wine Estates.  Brena Cockerell will also be in attendance.The cost for this event is $145 plus tax and 20% gratuity. For reservations please contact Donna Tanner at or 469-867-3681

Don’t miss out!

3 comments on “Kent Rathbun is Having a Dinner Party at His New Penthouse

  1. While that did make me think of moving on up with George and Weezie… that man on the picture looks like he could be the brother of the mom on Good Times. An uncle…

    Sorry, it really needs to be five so I can go sleep.


  2. Might work until:

    1) the neighbors realize he’s operating a business in their residential condo, and
    2) until the TABC realizes there’s no license to sell wine.

    Otherwise, why wouldn’t we all decide to open a little dinner bistro in our homes? Beats paying rent to the landlord.