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SideDish Supper Club: On Sale Now

supperclubA few months ago, I wrote about my yearning for great Tuscan food in Dallas. Where does a girl go for wild boar and pici pasta?  I am not alone. Many locals return from feasting in Tuscany and go into gastronomic withdrawal upon return.

On September 17, I will offer you the perfect cure. Nonna chef Julian Barsotti and I have been digging through Tuscan cookbooks for months.  We have come up with a dazzling menu. We asked The Italian Wine Guy, Alfonso Cevola, to come up with some fantastic wines and he did. Click on the SideDish Supper Club icon to the right for the menu. (Or click here.)  We will be discussing the menu and wine in more detail soon.  Hurry, the seating is limited. Go. 214-521-1800.

6 comments on “SideDish Supper Club: On Sale Now

  1. Oh… that looks really good!!! Yeah… Vin Santo… Does anyone know a restaurant in town that serves Vin Santo, especially with some yummy biscotti??

  2. Lola. I had some there Friday night with Riz au Lait, their magnificent version of rice pudding.

  3. The wife and I just got back from Siena. We had pici for the first time. This sounds fantastic CIAO!!!

  4. If they were smart, they would start a new fixed menu with all these dishes and make it available all year round. Nothing like a novelty to drive up numbers. I’d invest in the concept.