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Greenville Avenue In Dallas: Restaurant Memory Lane

littlegusYesterday, an old gal could not remember the name of a restaurant on Greenville Ave. But you guys freakin’ nailed it–DiPalma’s. Thanks to you, the reader is out of therapy and back at work today. However, there are a few other questions and memories floating around my inbox.

Memory:  I still have DiPalma’s recipe for chicken lasagna and remember their lemon sauced pasta — it was a great place…

Question: We used to live within spitting distance of Il Sorrento (Hillcrest and Northwest Highway) and went there for all celebrations and we miss it terribly. Do you know of another old world Italian restaurant that perhaps reminds you of Il Sorrento that we can claim as ours so we can relive our youth of smoky piano bars, palm readers, and eating way too much Gorgonzola gnocchi?

Money question: What is the name of that great hamburger place that was also on Greeneville at the same time as DiPalmas? They served breakfast too.

Answers: 1) Share the recipe for chicken lasagna. 2) The last palm reader I witnessed was at Patry’s on W. Lovers Lane. 3) There are no more smoky rooms in Dallas and almost every “marinara sauce” Italian restaurant in Dallas tastes like Il Sorrento. (With the exception of table side Caesar salad and the roaming bread guys with the silver hot boxes.)

However, I do know the burger place—Little Gus’, the original Greek “cheeseburger cheeseburger” spot frequented by an eclectic mix of artists, trial lawyers, judges, politicians, journalists, musicians, and carpenters. It was a great spot run by cousins Pete Lucas and Tony Mantzuranis.  I dug into my nostalgic t-shirt drawer and present this picture for your approval.

7 comments on “Greenville Avenue In Dallas: Restaurant Memory Lane

  1. Not that the places you mention qualify but it reminded me of some of the old “Hole in the Wall” type places that one would not want to be seen near but served some specialty sandwich which many years removed we sometimes, in a moment of weakness, yearn for. One was a place that served a nice sliced beef sandwich between Main and Elm by the old Courthouse downtown where L Harvey O was shot. I don’t want to go there, I just wanted to remember. Thank You.

  2. @Mere -

    I remember going to Raphael’s over on McKinney Ave. – where was it on Greenville?

  3. Long Live Little Gus’! The Great Cafe not only served breakfast and lunch, but in the evenings graced our lives with succulent servings of Moussaka, Pastitsio, Kotopolo Rigani, Souvlakia, Dolmades me Avgolemono, Psari Fresco, Psito Arni, Youvetsi and Taramasalata, and… Amalia’s Famous Baklava, and great Galactobouriko, too! All this, from a tiny kitchen filled with fantastic people. THANK YOU, LITTLE GUS’!

  4. Thanks for the mention of Il Sorrento, my papa was the exec chef for Mario Messina for over 20 plus years. So the best italian would be at my home.