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Update: SideDish Supper Club

supperclub2The menu has been approved and the wine pairings (two levels) are almost done. Hopefully, we’ll get it together in time to release full details early next week. I will tell you this: you will never find a meal like this in Dallas ever again unless something drastic happens and one category of our dining scene does a complete about-face.

If you want to be the first to know, add your e-mail address to the list under the SideDish Supper Club icon to the right. (No need to repeat if you’ve already done so.) The details will go to that list first. The restaurant is small and it will sell out fast. The evening, September 17th, will be peachy.

2 comments on “Update: SideDish Supper Club

  1. nope it’s at bonathan’s crib – he’s making jello shots and buying a natty light keg