Bailey’s Prime Plus Set To Open On Park Lane In Dallas

Leslie “Catch a Falling Star” Brenner, you rock. Thanks to you, the new Bailey’s Prime Plus (and stuff, and such, and beyond) will feature not only baked potatoes, but a substantially new menu.

The Baked Potato Room at Bailey's Prime Plus in Dallas. (kidding.)
The Baked Potato Room at Bailey’s Prime Plus in Dallas. (Kidding.)

Yes folks, as the Dallas restaurant world continues to shrink and die, flamboyant restaurateur Ed Bailey is stepping up to the proverbial plate and building another opulent “not-your-typical” steakhouse.

The second location of Bailey’s Prime Plus in Dallas will be a 12,000-square foot space with 20-foot ceilings and a reflecting pool that “traverses the entire space with four full size trees rising from its center”. The rear portion of the bar with “curved banquette seating and subdued lighting, has space for live music performers such as a jazz quartet or a DJ spinning for dancing.” Spinning and dancing and eating steaks and plain baked potatoes will be available in late August/early September.  Chef to be announced soon. I am glad someone in the restaurant business is having fun. Seriously.

8 comments on “Bailey’s Prime Plus Set To Open On Park Lane In Dallas

  1. Leslie Brenner had a very bad review of it. Not surprising considering how Bailey ruined Patrizio.

  2. Bad review? It was scathing. If Prime Plus is anything like the Bailey version of Patrizio’s, it’s probably well deserved.

  3. Can anyone cite one thing on the menu that has changed for the worse at Patrizo since Bailey bought it? I ask because I generally order the same thing every time and it hasn’t changed since I ordered it in 1998.

  4. Ed Bailey ruined Patrizio, and he should be tried in a Highland Park court for that.

  5. I have been going to Patrizio for years and I have not noticed any difference since the new guy took over.

  6. Patrizio is not and has never been more than mediocre Italian food. It only stood out because it happened to be in Dallas, where mediocre Italian food is somewhat of an achievement.