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Separated At Birth? Christopher Wynn And Chef Grant Achatz

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Christopher Wynn Chef Grant Achatz

Just opened my James Beard Foundation Newsletter and thought they were running a big picture of DMN scribe Christopher Wynn. Nope, the article, “Where Grant Achatz Likes To Eat In Chicago”, had nothing to do with CW. Where does the chef who favors molecular gastronomy love to eat? Jump for his list. Where does Christopher Wynn love to eat? Let’s guess.

Ask a Chef:
Grant Achatz, where should we eat in Chicago?

JBF Award–winning chef Grant Achatz of the celebrated Alinea shares his Windy City dining picks.

Late Night
Avec (312.377.2002, 615 W. Randolph St.)
Publican (312.733.9555, 845 W. Fulton Market)
“Paul Kahan’s restaurants Avec and the Publican are go-tos. After you eat, go to the Violet Hour for well-made cocktails.”

Special Occasion
Nomi (312.239.4030, 800 N. Michigan Ave.)
“Nomi in the Park Hyatt has a fantastic view and chef de cuisine Andrew Zimmerman’s food is spectacular. For an added indulgence, stay in a suite at the hotel.”

Sunday Brunch
North Pond (773.477.5845, 2610 N. Cannon Dr.)
“The setting here is relaxing and peaceful. It’s a lodge-like house with fireplaces, blond wood, and a lovely view. It’s a perfect way to kill a lazy Sunday afternoon.”

Quick Snack
Potbelly (312.427.9347, 55 E. Jackson Ave.)
“I’ve gotta give some love to Potbelly’s. It’s national now, but it started in Chicago. They’re open all day and have sandwiches, soups, pickles, chips…it’s fast, hot, and delicious.”

Date Night
Follia (312.243.2888, 953 W. Fulton St.)
“I had a great date night at Follia this past summer. The wood-fired pizzas are scrumptious, the pasta is great, but it’s really all about the gregarious host, Bruno, who makes all the girls feel beautiful and the guys feel like a million bucks.”

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