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Restaurant Review: Lunch at Sushi on McKinney

Sushi on McKinney's rainbow roll
Sushi on McKinney's rainbow roll

This was my first visit to Sushi on McKinney in either incarnation. Yes, longtime Dallas sushi fans lamented the loss of SM last year only to see it reopen a short time later a block south of its longtime McKinney Avenue location. I can only imagine they cried for the old girl because of the memories not the food. (It’s kind of how I am about the Charco Broiler in Pleasant Grove. But I digress.) I have no sake-clouded history to draw on. No “remember whens…” Just the platter of sushi placed before me. In a word: average. Not bad. Not great. Just okay. We wanted toro. They didn’t have it. Instead, we stuck to the basics. Tuna, salmon, and yellowtail were all perfectly nice, satisfying my cravings. But the rainbow roll–a combo of tuna, salmon, hamachi, and avocado–was perplexing. The salmon was silky and fresh yet the tuna looked dry and the hamachi tasted a tad fishy. Crab sushi was mealy and somehow salty. Octopus, happily, was super fresh. It had that snap and tension it needs without being chewy. I can’t say I hated the meal, nor was I delighted. SM might have been the place 20+ years ago. But I’ll be dropping my dollars at Yutaka, Zen Sushi, and Oishii first. Sushi on McKinney lovers, sound off in the comments. Let me have it.

15 comments on “Restaurant Review: Lunch at Sushi on McKinney

  1. This is how I remember the old SM and was wondering how the new one compared. Thanks for saving me the time and money.

  2. We went for date night last week. Average at best. BYOB (at least temporarily) was nice so we at least enjoyed a great bottle of wine. Prices were good considering the taste and quality. Best in town, IMO, is Fuji

  3. Your experience mirrors my own during the few times I went to the original. It was, just average.

  4. My experience at the original SM was pedestrian.

    In fact, if you want to relive that experience, go to Mr Sushi in Addison. They both came online at about the same time.

  5. I was surprised by a great meal at Hibashi just off the North Dallas Tollway last week. A group of us went for a birthday dinner, and I found the sushi to be tasty – many different kinds of rolls, huge portions, great service. They had a stuffed mushroom appetizer that was amazing….kids under 10 eat free with a coupon off their website. Fish was fresh…they even have a grill area…decor was nice too..ample parking..was just a good experience.

  6. The Robb Roll is still incredible, and the greeting that the staff provide their regular customers is worth the trip. The fish is fresh, and the smiles are big. That says a lot.

  7. I live in the area and have never frequented the place. EVER. Once was all it took for me to realize that Dallas has too many other great sushi restaurants. My new fav..Geisha House on Cedar Springs..their toro is great..everything is so fresh.

  8. I’ve never understood why Dallasites have loved Sushi on McKinney as after three visits (why didn’t I not return after one) I found the fish to be bland at best and far from fresh. There are some other fine establishments such as Teppo where they know what they’re doing.

  9. lol Geisha House is great? Hardly. Their toro is mediocre at best and all their fish tasted the same because it was stored indiscriminately, except for the saba which was apparently pickled. Not that they can’t improve given time…but I wasn’t impressed with my first visit.

  10. If we’re listing off favorite Sushi places in Dallas let me get in a plug for Rock ‘n’ Roll. Top quality & service & very creative.