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Ben & Jerry’s Opens Two New Stores: McKinney and Highland Village

New Ben & Jerry’s scoop shops are open at the Eldorado Plaza in McKinney and Shops at Highland Village. To help celebrate the shops and all things ice cream, all three local Ben & Jerry’s (Plano, McKinney and Highland Village) spots are offering a “Buy One Get One Free Sundaes on Mondays.” The “We Wish it Were Monday” promo will run all summer through the end of August.  (Vermonster Sundae not included.) On the lighter side, Ben & Jerry’s also offers a new line of smoothies that are all under 250 calories.

6 comments on “Ben & Jerry’s Opens Two New Stores: McKinney and Highland Village

  1. this is what the release says:

    The company has now literally broken ground at its newest scoop shops in McKinney, TX in Eldorado Plaza at the Northwest Corner of 75 and Eldorado and in Highland Village, TX in the Shops at Highland Village. After soft openings, both are open for scooping and are the newest addition to the Ben & Jerry’s growing franchise chain.

    “We believe that Ben & Jerry’s offers a combination of the world’s best ice cream in a fun atmosphere with an appreciation for the environment and social issues that residents of McKinney and Highland Village appreciate,” said Hunter Rose, self appointed Ice Cream Czar and owner of Ben & Jerry’s in McKinney, Highland Village and the existing shop in Plano at the Northwest Corner of Preston & Plano Parkway. “Each shop demonstrates love for their local community. We like to get involved with local organizations and charities. Ice cream motivates and moves people… as well as put a smile on their face,” Rose explains.

  2. Raspberry Peach Cobbler (Limited Release!) is $2.50/pint at Costco. If this were the Eats blog I might describe it as:

    To die for!
    Mmmmm, yummy!

  3. Yes, the McKinney location has been there for at least two years, and maybe three. I was there two years ago. I used a Passbook coupon.

  4. Sounds like B&J forgot they had a shop in McKinney for 2+ years now – or at least their PR firm did!