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Can Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Restaurant Week Vegetarian Edition

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Restaurant folks, get to typin’:

My husband and I have been vegetarian now for about 9 months and enjoy every minute of it. But, we’ve always enjoyed restaurant week too and are thinking it will probably be out of the question for us this year. Do we know if any of the participating restaurants will be doing anything vegetarian this year??

My first thought when I saw this email was, “well, of course they are,” but really, I don’t know that for a fact. I always assume that restaurants will accommodate vegetarians but since I’m not one, I should just shut up already. Let’s hear it in the comments.

8 comments on “Can Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Restaurant Week Vegetarian Edition

  1. I don’t have any answers but I’d love to know since I’m in the same boat. So far I am going in big groups to Charlie Palmer, York Street and The Grape…hope they have some non-meat options…

  2. I’m a vegetarian (vegan, to be more specific), and I also used to love Restaurant Week, but it’s in poor taste, in my opinion, to force my way of life on a restaurant that’s already accomodating more than their usual numbers with a more affordable menu, so I’m opting out this year.

    Take my advice – skip all the Restaurant Week hoopla and spring for a 10 course vegetarian or vegan tasting menu at Nana. Not only will you love the food and wine, you’ll also do the rest of us veg*ns a favor by not annoying your omnivorous friends and servers – it usually makes for some serious veggie resentment, which is bad for the cause in my book…

  3. As a vegan, most restaurants will accomodate my request for veggies only. And always very nice about it.

  4. Brad, what a very kind and thoughtful remark you made. Most chefs around Dallas will want to bronze you and place your statue in front of their restaurants during restaurant week. Most chefs agree that vegans are not a pain as a rule. (Although humorously, there are a few vegans I’ve run into who are strictly against the killing of animals for consumption – sometimes for some reason seem to have no problem wanting to kill human chefs when they get their knickers in a twist – but that’s another story).

    I agree with you that Chef Bombaci at Nana has the best veggie tasting menu in town.

  5. I agree about not bothering the restaurants with this during Restaurant Week (and I’m a vegan too). From what I hear, it’s a pain in the arse that most restaurants feel guilted into doing anyway, so it’s better not to force them into giving you a special $X.XX menu option like the others.

    Brad – I second your suggestion for Nana. Actually, of any of the restaurants participating, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did have a vegetarian (if not vegan) Restaurant Week option, given that they’ve made such a huge effort already to accommodate us.

  6. Thanks for your responses, I’ve been wanting to try NaNa for a while now. I agree about not making a fuss and asking for special stuff during that very busy week (or two) , I was just hoping some restaurant I hadn’t thought of would already have an option!

  7. Avanti has a three cheese spinach lasagna listed on their KRLD Restaurant Week menu. Being a vegetarian, I have also called a few others and all have been very accommodating. This year I asked Central 214, Kenichi, and Five Sixty who all said they will have a vegetarian option, but don’t know what yet. Some dishes I’ve had in past years have been better than others, but last year Perry’s, Bijoux, and Shinsei all made wonderful vegetarian options even though they weren’t on their official menu. My advice would be to call a few that you are interested in and see what they offer.