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The Sorta Bad News: You Can’t Order A Burger At The Grape Tonight

Or tomorrow. Just caught up with owner/chef Brian Luscher of The Grape. He says:

Luscher: I just found out. I just got back from a lil’ stay-cation and everyone is asking me “Have you heard? Have you heard?”  I knew we did well because they [T.M.] came out for a photo session a few weeks ago.  I am blown away.  I have always thought “that if a joint has a burger, you can judge the quality of the place based on the burger.

NN: Secret?

Lusher: None.  We just don’t treat it [or anything else] as an after thought. Whether it is our awesome f&%*$-ing cheeseburger [I just hollered that out loud a little bit!], or a wine dinner, or an order of mussels, we put forth our best effort. Not to mention the fact that basically every burger gets cooked by our Chef de Cuisine Karin Porter, a.k.a. Chaparra. I am proud.  Really proud.

NN: When can we eat them?

Luscher: We are going to offer the “Classic Cheeseburger” all  day on Sundays for right now [normally brunch only].  We have other plans that we will release at a later date.

So, TexMo, I hope we didn’t steal any of your thunder. That just wouldn’t be nice.

2 comments on “The Sorta Bad News: You Can’t Order A Burger At The Grape Tonight

  1. The past is prologue, obviously… but, I recall thinking about “officially” canvasing the burger places in and around town (then I proclaimed the subject not only a lost cause but a previously well documented one, at that, – the laborious fruits of like minded connoisseurs trials easily accessible on the inter-tubes)…

    However… I remember putting a trip to The Grape on my schedule, specifically for the burger. Then no lunch… I’d rather see Sharon… I dunno… time passed…

    Scanning my notes and emails, I can find no lead… but I had one. A year ago… anyone? Lunch Burger at The Grape was going to be a story… c’est la vie.

    In full disclosure: my lame attempt at burger posts:

    I AM hitting up a certain Wine Guy to tag along on his next quarterly visit to Wingfileld’s. Oh, and I still have a bro-mance with Snuffer’s – so there. And I like Twisted Root…