Customer Complaint: Coal Vines In Dallas

An upset Disher sends this report:

I just called Coal Vines to ask if they took reservations, and the lady who answered the phone was VERY rude.  She said they didn’t take reservations in an angry tone, and then I asked if she had an estimate of what the wait would be on a Friday night (usually they have some sort of idea)… (this is what makes me mad) she said “I don’t know; it’s not like I have a crystal ball.”

I have had several unpleasant phone experiences dealing with restaurants. People who answer the phones at restaurants should be trained to know how important their job is–they are, in some cases, a customers first contact with the business. It’s one thing to lose a customer after bad food or service, it’s quite another to lose them when they are in the process of choosing where to dine. Coal Vines just lost customer for life.

18 comments on “Customer Complaint: Coal Vines In Dallas

  1. You’re not missing much. I’ve experienced rudeness from people at the door as well as waitstaff on two separate occassions. And it’s a definite snooty rudeness. There will not be a third visit for me.

  2. Here’s Coal Vines in a nutshell: pizza is “ok”, wine is served too warm in bad stemware, A/C hardly works, great location.

  3. Yep…I like Coal Vines. I won’t eat there because they ARE rude…..but the pizza is good.

    I just get it to go….and its better.

    I go to Fireside as well. Yummy food, great folks.

    But Coal Vines….is very rude.

  4. I have had similar experiences at Coal Vines and Brook was so rude! Paige answered the phone a different was SO nice and very very helpful

  5. I went to Coal Vines once. Never returned. Very mediocre pizza. Not worth a second visit.

  6. I ate at the coal vines in southlake almost every day when we were under construction…the pizza and the people were both great. I’ve only been to the dallas location a couple of times though…

  7. Been going to Coal Vines since it opened…i have never had a bad experience, bad food, rude waitstaff or hosts…that’s not to say that others don’t have bad experiences – and the wait can be oppressive. It’s too bad, because it really is a nice place (except when they have techno playing) and Wolf – the bartender, is one of the most genial guys in the business. Maybe these complaints will serve notice to the owners!

  8. I agree with Kym. I just wish the place was a little bit bigger. I’m sure it’s not the easiest place to be a server. Wolf is great!

  9. Went there once. Enough self important attitude to season a rump roast. Wehn we left, after being jammed in so close I felt like I was on a refugee ship, I never looked back.

  10. Another vote for CV being a) over-rated pizza, b) self-important and snotty, c) packed with people who are less interested in eating than to “be seen.”

  11. I’ve complained to restaurants if the staff is rude; however if the owner is just as rude you really don’t stand a chance. I even contacted the company website with a complaint about a certain restaurant in Denton. My e-mails/phone calls were never returned. I now avoid this place like the plague and have told several people I know and they will not go there either. They lost my big catering contract too.

  12. I have to agree with Jess. Last time I went to Coal Vines my Shiraz was served in a warm wine glass and we had to get our server to put the bottle on ice because it was so warm. They have all of that red wine sitting out with the patio doors wide open in 100 degree weather. Not wise.

  13. I’ve had horrible service there before and vowed to never go again. I’m glad the word is getting out at how unprofessional the place is.

  14. I know I am a little late coming to the party on this but I wanted to share my experience at Coal Vines. My son was turning 9 years old and he said he wanted to go to Coal Vines for his birthday. I tried to get him to change his mind because the place is so small but no such luck. I called and asked the guy if he they take reservations as we HAD A PARTY OF NINE. He said they did not but he would work to fit us in the best he could. I also asked if we could bring in a birthday cake for my son and he said no problem. When we got there they fit us in as quickly as they could. Took our cake and kept it cool until we needed it. Overall they were great to us and my son had a great birthday.

  15. The mustachioed weasel seating guests lost my business the only time I have ever been. The pizza was pretty good and the wait staff were fine, but the minute the DH seated a party of DB’s who waltzed in after we had been waiting over an hour was the final straw, especially when he lied to my face and said they had been waiting longer than us.
    Too much great pizza elsewhere. Change the attitude or eventually close; simple economics at work.