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Best Margarita In Dallas: The Maximo Heat From Maximo in Dallas

Drink this margarita now. Photo by Kevin
Drink this margarita now. Photo by Kevin Hunter Marple

A few days ago, Kyle Kearbey asked an innocent question on SideDish: What is your favorite summer cocktail? It not only made me thirsty, it reminded me to tell you about a new margarita in town. I discovered the Maximo Heat when I was reviewing Maximo Cucina and Margarita Lounge. The review comes out in a week or so, but I have to tell you about it now. This is the best margarita I’ve had outside of Rick Bayless’ Topolobampo in Chicago. The Maximo Heat is a gorgeous green concoction of sweet agave syrup mixed with freshly squeezed lime juice, Sauza Silver (or your choice of tequila from their list), triple sec, and muddled raw jalapeños. After one sip, your tongue becomes a stage for a spirited symphony filled with staccato notes of sweet, sour, bitter, salt, and tart. Seconds later, a bolt of fiery jalapeño crashes like cymbals in your head. It is not to be missed.

4 comments on “Best Margarita In Dallas: The Maximo Heat From Maximo in Dallas

  1. Reading the last two lines of the above thread, it occurred to me: You should be writing edible porno. (I have titles like ‘The Organic Tart’ to suggest if you are set to moonlight on East Texas weekends.)

  2. Meh – forget the hoity toity margarita — go to Rafa’s and have Pepe shake you up a fresh lime margarita served up in a gigante goblet…now, THAT’s a margarita! And you ain’t gonna pay $12 for the privilege…

  3. Gosh I wish somebody would have called me…Thank you i will take credit for the design of that cocktail!


    Dr. Mxologi

  4. Agreed! An excellent unique drink combination! I know my margaritas and this one is the hottest! Unique and MUY delicioso!