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I Heart Pizza By Marco In Dallas

Thin crust pizza at Marco's.
Thin crust pizza at Marco’s.

The other night I was invited over to my friend Beric’s house to watch the baseball All-Star Game. I must tell you that Beric is quite a food and baseball expert. He travels all of the time and is always sending out mass e-mails about a great meal he had in Seattle or a fabulous pizza place he discovered in Chicago. (He prefers to dine in American League cities.)

So, I was not surprised to find pizza on the menu for the baseball game watching festivities at Beric’s house. His wife, Jean, made a great spinach salad. They offered two thin crust pizzas from Marco’s in Preston Royal
plus a frozen Chicago-style deep dish mail pizza Beric had ordered from Lou Malnati’s, a place he loves in Chicago.

Mail order pizza from Lou Malnati's in Chicago.
Mail order pizza from Lou Malnati’s in Chicago.

Pizza by Marco or Marco’s Pizza, whatever you call it, has been around since 1956. For years it was run by a group of nice Hispanic ladies with a huge collection of elephant statues. There were no places to sit—it was take-out and cash only. Now, according to Jean, you will find “just some kids” working the window and there are tables and chairs. Marco’s also has three other locations and a website.

But the thin crust pizza with green olives, mushrooms, onions, and jalapenos is still my go-to pie. And the frozen pizza, that had been in Beric’s freezer for six months, was pretty dang good—the thick crust is flaky and buttery like a sweet pie crust and the tomato sauce was heavy on the garlic. It was all gone before the first pitch. Luscher? Jerrier? Batter up.

21 comments on “I Heart Pizza By Marco In Dallas

  1. So I’ll be drawn offsides first…I just posted a comment on City of Ate re: Grimaldi’s and the phenomenon of “cracker crust”. I will reiterate that I am not being facetious or a smart arse in any way -but I don’t get it. What is the appeal of a cracker crust in these parts…Eno’s, Campisi’s, Scalini’s, Pizza by Marco, Louie’s, etc. While my preference is obviously Neapolitan a la Cavalli/Olivella’s/Cane Rosso I struggle with the appeal of dry, flavorless, brittle crust…Most places go through an awful lot of trouble to develop and make a nice yeasty dough in house – and then sodomize it with a rolling pin or a dough sheeter. It almost seems like it is merely a topping delivery device and not an integral part of the pizza. Cracker crust places clearly have their fans – so what makes that crust style so popular??

  2. I like both. but the appeal of the cracker crust to me is first, it makes for a lighter pie and I don’t feel like I ate a sack of cement. Second, I like the crunch of the crust against the goo of the cheese and the snap of jalapenos.

  3. 1 800 Lou To Go. Been ordering Malnati’s for years. Also a great gift to send someone.

    That having been said, it’s even better when eating it fresh out of the oven at their several Chicago restaurants.

  4. Marco’s actually DELIVERS now as well, but only on the weekends- so they tell us. I think it’s great. But I have to say there’s something about having to drive to get it that makes it THAT much better. We are thankful it’s only about a minute from the house!

  5. Nancy:

    Chicago is an NL city, to anyone who weighs less that 280 lbs.

    Malnati’s mail order? Oh, the horror.

  6. I saw a White Sox fan who weighed about 180 throw out the first pitch in the all-star game the other night. Wonder where he gets his pizza…maybe Connie’s, my south-side favorite, which they also sell at the White Sox park.

  7. Nancy, as i’m sure you know PbM also offers a pie with soy mozz and vegan ‘roni (as well as other soy toppings). It’s really unique and tastes great, too! The only vegan pie in town to my knowledge. I heart PbM too!

  8. OK…I know it’s OT, but as my wife and are are heading to Seattle in 10 days, I’d love to know Beric’s restaurant picks (or anyone else) there…done some research already, just curious…thanks!

  9. You should probably have seafood, but if you get bored try Via Tribunali for Neapolitan pizza and say hi to Dino (their pizzamaker is from Naples) and I’ve not been but heard that Tavolata was great.

  10. @JJfoodie: You should check out my review of breakfast at The Salish Lodge (about 30 miles East of Seattle).

    Among Beric other favorite places Beric and I like to eat in Seattle when there:

    Elliott’s Oyster House (for whole Dungeness crab)
    Cutter’s Bay House (for various seafood specialties and Halibut cheeks when in season)
    Wild Ginger (Pan Asian)
    McCormick’s Fish House (original, not your typical McCormick and Shmicks’s)
    Matt’s in the Market (tiny little place in Pike’s Market, upstairs)
    Brooklyn (haven’t been in a couple of years, but another good take on seafood).
    Any of the Tom Douglas restaurants.

  11. Pizza by Marco’s also has awesome lunch specials. Very good pizza for really, really cheap.

  12. I wanted to go by Lou Malnati’s last time I was up there, but we were squeezed for time and went by Piece instead. It was good by Dallas standards, but next time I’ll probably fight harder for deep dish of some variety.

  13. Love Lou Malnati’s too but Gino’s East is my fav… they ship as well!!

  14. The first time I had Marco’s pizza, I dreamed about it all night. It is the best I have ever eaten.

  15. Once in a while I mail order the Malnati’s pepperoni, I don’t care for the sausage. I also order the Vienna beef kit…a little pricey, but a nice fun touch while watching da bears on my sweet nfl super fan package. I just wish I could get them to ship a 12-er of Old Style! Not that any of this is the best in the world, nor have I ever been a particular fan of the cornmeal and cream style dep dish, nor do I posses a penchant for sh*tty beer, just a taste of things remembered and a bit of pagentry. I mean wtf do you want; it’s a frozen-pizza-in-the-mail! I actually prefer a thin crust pie, as is most popular in “the greater Chicagoland area” I p/u Louie’s otherwise.
    Went to Pizza by Marco a couple of weeks ago. Sat & ate in the little waiting area with the fam’. Not bad at all…that sounds was really pretty good. Go and get one or two. The sauce was a little sweeter than I like, but that doen’t mean it was bad. I prefer a chunkier Italian sausage, but their crumbled version had good spice and nice amount of fennel. They are using quality “pizza cheese”, as well. A very good wheel. Ultimate review; I’d go back, for sure.

    I’ve never met Mr. J. and it is hard to argue with his success. “then sodomize it with a rolling pin or a dough sheeter” yikes! “I will reiterate that I am not being facetious or a smart arse” That’s cool, neither am I. A bit Fundamenatlist, perhaps?

  16. @luscher – hard core right wing Neapolitan – at least as far as pizza goes :). You get your knuckles slapped by a pizza peel if you use anything but your hands to stretch the dough.

    I’ll trade you a VPN Margherita for a Cheeseburger.

  17. p.s. the chicago i know is an NL city…
    where pitchers have to step up to the plate and there was no such thing as a DH, but then again I grew up north of riverside [way north] and any baseball broadcast on ch 44 was verboten