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26 comments on “I Am Tired Of The Word: Foodie

  1. I inspired a thread! Weeeeeeee!!

    I hate the word too but until some clever soul comes up with another one (calling Bonathan!) I used it.

  2. in civilized times (pre inter net), i considered the term gourmand appropriate.

    don’t know whether you want a cutsie phrase or an accurate noun.

    love your work.


  3. I also hate the expression, “My bad.”

    Please!!!! Someone come up with a word to replace “foodie.” It’s goofy.

  4. Once again I hear ya Uncle Nancy! I’ve hated that word for YEARS!!!! I like “Diners”. You know, the people that just REALLY enjoy the dining experience and food in general. The kind of person who enjoys 5 star as much as roadside diner. I’m over food snobs anyway.

  5. Hey, what is the word “foodie” in French? Or Italian? Or Swahili? Or Canadian?

  6. Okay, here’s my suggestion: Go to your favorite online thesaurus and key in “food”. See what comes up add an “ite”, “ie”, “ine”, etc. Surely we can beat “foodie”!

  7. My suggestion: Sustenancys. I would like a raise now, Nancy.
    I like Gastrognome, but only as a derogatory term for those like the critic in Ratatouille.

  8. Gourmand= too old fashioned, and snooty, sounds like you have foie gras for breakfast and halibut cheeks for lunch.

    Gastrognome= looks like the new spokesmodel for dining destinations on Travelocity

    How about Palatier? (Too French and fussy)

    Epicurious George?


  9. Can we also throw “organic food” on this word burning pyre? Saying this is an “organic” food is like saying something is a useful tool or calling someone a murderous killer.

    I like gastronome as the best suggestion so far and I think gourmand was originally meant as a pejorative, as in calling someone a “glutton”. Someone could also be a gourmet. Going along with the latin theme, we could say someone is a cibophile or borrow from another movement and say epicurean.

  10. Wow, I love the thought of a bunch of little Gastrognomes running around and singing happy food songs like Alvin and the Chipmunks on their way to eat at a new restaurant. We could give them cutsie names and one could have a dark personality (that would be the hard one to please who always makes comments about the food and restaurants that the rest of us are too embarrased to say out loud). Come on Nancy lets have a contest to create and name the Gastrognomes.

  11. organic actually has a (moderately) useful legal definition, although that’s becoming less so every day.

    I still like Foodmonaut.

  12. There you are, Gastronome! My suggestion was a nod to you.

    Actually, I don’t think lovers of fine food and wine should have their own nomenclature. The Food Network will just bastard*ze it and the next thing you’ll know, Paula Deen and Rachel Ray will start gussying up their mindless chatter with OUR words.

  13. Besides replacing the annoying “foodie” how about changing “ressie” too? There’s something about when people tell me they are going to make a ressie instead of a reservation that such makes me roll my eyes.

  14. Need I remind the marquee of this blog is “SideDish: The Daily Destination for Dallas Foodies”