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Normandie Alliance: A Status Update

A couple of weeks ago, “Worzel Gummidge” posted on that Normandie Alliance was closing its current location and reopening later in another spot. I linked to the story. Over the weekend, I heard from Christel Perrette of Normandie Alliance who says the cozy French spot will not reopen. She told me a sad tale and I asked her if she wanted to leave word here for her customers. She writes:

Thank you for your offer to give a message to our customers. And especially because we learned that sometimes they don’t receive our emails, without we receive any notice of failure (this is one of the email mysteries).

You can tell them that Normandie Alliance has contacted you. That we explained to you, the “scoop” is wrong. Maybe “Worzel_Gummidge” has just misunderstood, or maybe he is a friend of our landlord, who is the blogger “REDACTED” (this is what we have discovered, as well as it seems that “REDACTED” is his close friend the broker – at this time, we have no proof of that but we suspect it when we read him – as well as “REDACTED” seems to be a friend of him too – because we know very well our regular customers and no one of them would be able to say what he said) and tried by this way to make us confused, to push us to go back to France and never try to sue them for their offenses.

Also you can tell them that we’ve never lied to them and it still be true that we have a good new concept, we would like to do on Belt line (because it won’t be too far for them to come) but as they know it won’t be a Normandie Alliance restaurant, it won’t be a restaurant at all but, as it’s our profession, it would be about food. As we told them, we confirm that before to be able to do it we need first to find an investor and at this time, as we told them, we’ve found nobody.

You can tell them too that we apologize to have been obligated to stop Normandie Alliance in the middle of June, therefore to have been obligated to cancel the cabaret dinner-show on June 27; because we know that as at 2 weeks of it they were already more than 100 people having reserved and looking forward of it. We are so sorry to have disappointed them. As well as we are so sorry for those who told us that they were very shocked to find the notice on the restaurant closed front door because they loved coming there. We’ve enjoyed a lot the time we’ve had with them and hope to find the way to see them again, to share more.

You can confirm them that, now, we are in the process to sue our landlord, the broker and the companie which managed our lease and ready to go until the end of this story whatever we will need to go through, and, at the same time, that we are ready to meet a potential investor for our new concept. But anyway Normandie Alliance it’s over.

You can tell them everything we have written here before or only the part you want, but thank you to be careful and do not change the meaning of what we have written.

15 comments on “Normandie Alliance: A Status Update

  1. There is a lot of pain in that post. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I am saddened by the turn of events Cristel/Normadie Alliance has been through. Having met them and being part of such gracious hospitality I can only say we are proud they are in America and look forwsrd to their next endeavor. We will miss Normadie Alliance but are confident they will succeed. We wish them the best.

  3. Don’t have a clue who your landlord is. I am just an enthusisatic customer. See my posts here so that we are on the same page:

    I reported what Gilles said to my face. As you can see from the link others were there and heard the same thing. If he had said “but at the moment we don’t have a penny of financing for the Addison project..” I would have heard that loud and clear.

  4. It’s easier to understand Japanese arithmetic than it is that missive.

  5. I am so glad to hear you are back at your
    “spot”. We will see you soon.

    I now have George out of the hospital and getting well.

    Nancy Houseman

  6. I enjoyed your restaurant so much!! We will surely miss that, but wish you the very best with your new endeavor. You are welcome in America and wished every success!!!

  7. After watching Gilles, Christel and their two friends from France(I apologize for not remembering their names right off hand)work so hard trying to get Normandie Alliance up and running, it saddens me to hear of this. They each had such enthusiasm for this restaurant.

    I know that when a friend of mine and I visited their place after it opened, we truly enjoyed it. It was a nice touch when Gilles came out and talked to many of the diners. Very professional in my opinion.

    I hope they find an investor so they can breathe life back into a great idea. I think Addison would welcome them. Good luck to each of you and please…keep me posted.

    Rick Underwood

  8. I really appreciate the update.
    My favorite place ever to go with my wife: the food, ambiance, it all made for a unique dining experience I greatly miss.
    Talking to Gilles, listening to the French music in the background… Hélas!
    Like many beautiful things it was ephemeral.
    I REALLY hope they are able to make the Belt Line location work and am terribly sorry they have had landlord issues.

  9. Sorry, but I must echo Worzel’s statements. I was there at lunch when Gilles was going on about the new venture. It’s really to bad that it was not made clear that Gilles was looking for investors in the new venture and did not yet have the funding.

  10. Still wishing them success and anxious to hear of their new endeavor.

  11. Any updates on Normandie Alliance or their new venture for which they’re hoping? I miss them! Loved that place!