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New Dining Critics in Town: Kid Kritics

Katie, Jamie, Hannah, and Mia love food.
Katie, Jamie, Hannah, and Mia love food.

Over the weekend, I was privileged to be at the family lake house in East Texas in the company of four of my five perfect nieces and one nephew. We did a lot of cooking (thank you Richard Chamberlain for the brisket recipe) and we made ice cream. We ate handfuls of Texas blueberries, tomatoes, and peaches. One of my five perfect nieces, Jamie (churning the ice cream), wants to be a chef. The other three want to be food critics. Katie, Hannah, and Mia have started Kid Kritics, a blog about food. So far, they have two reviews up. I have spread my dreams under your feet. Tread softly.

8 comments on “New Dining Critics in Town: Kid Kritics

  1. That looks like a lake house front porch from central casting. Adorable girls….I have to ask which lake you guys are on.

  2. Great reviews! I am impressed with the details and reasoning behind the criticisms. I look forward to reading one of their favorable reviews.

  3. The money quote, “With a 4 month old baby your mom is not in the mood to get out of the car.” No offense Nancy, but you could have never written that. Love it!

  4. If they can refrain from the more than over-used “to die for” to describe anything, they’ll be ahead of 99.9% of bloggers and a few professional critics to boot.