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Kinda, Sorta News About New Bishop Arts Cafe

Yep. It doesn’t get more vague than this news post. But this is all I know. There’s a new Greek restaurant/bakery going in the old Jaci’s taqueria space on Davis Street in Bishop Arts. Have any SideDishers heard anything about this? I’m ready for some baklava in the OC. (Yes, I know Kavala serves it too. Work with me here.)

4 comments on “Kinda, Sorta News About New Bishop Arts Cafe

  1. New awning went up last Tuesday. But there’s little buzz about it or the new Tex-Mex place going into the old Grill 400 space. (Just what we need — more Tex Mex in south Dallas.)

  2. These folks have an established restaurant over in Duncanville and it is supposed to be quite good. I, for one, can’t wait to have it open!!!