Can Someone Help This Poor Man: Veggie Burger Edition

You might not know this, but our co-worker Zac Crain is a vegetarian. He is craving a veggie burger. Read on:

What places in town offer house-made veggie burgers?
Or, at least, non-Boca or Gardenburger or Morningstar Farms veggie burgers?
Essentially, burgers I can’t make at home.

My favorite used to be at the Stoneleigh P, but they discontinued it. I know
the Monk and Capitol Pub both have house-made veggie burgers. Looking for
some others.

Help? Anyone? (And for those who remember, we did post something about this about a year ago. However, most of the commenters spent more time debating the merits of a meat-free burger than giving helpful suggestions. Here’s hoping the pattern doesn’t repeat itself.)

23 comments on “Can Someone Help This Poor Man: Veggie Burger Edition

  1. Hula Hotties (new in Bishop Arts) has a macadamia nut burger that’s meatless. Haven’t tasted it, but it sounds yummy.

  2. The veggie burger at Houston’s is really good too. It’s made with beans and has more of a moistness than most of Morning Star patties.

  3. I’ve always loved Houston’s veggie burger! I haven’t had it in awhile but Idle Rich’s veggie burger was amazing, one of the best I’ve had!

  4. Jake’s. It’s a black bean burger, and I prefer to go with pico de gallo and lettuce only, but it’s good with the regular burger set up as well….

  5. Houston’s – by far the best veggie burger I’ve had. Fresh, made in-house. i think they use beets in it to give a red beef-like color

  6. Are the R&D burgers similar to Houston’s? I thought they were pretty good. I like Twisted Roots black bean and corn burger.

  7. Houston’s was my recommendation too – before everyone else beat me to it.

  8. By far, the best veggie burger in Dallas, is at Twisted Root in Deep Ellum. It’s a house-made black bean burger. My husband is a carnivore, and every time we eat there, he orders the black bean burger, too.

  9. I’m a huge fan of Houston’s veggie burger, but sister restaurant R+D Kitchen recently introduced their version and it is even better. Comes topped with avacado slices, yum!

  10. I don’t eat vegetarian… EVER. That is, unless I’m at Idle Rich. Their veggie burger is better than their actual burger (which is great in its own right), I kid you not. Its unreal. As a matter of a fact I haven’t had one in in a month and just thinking about it is making me crave one…

  11. My favorite veggie burger is the “Just for John” mushroom burger at the Dream Cafe. It’s fabulous!

  12. Idle Rich’s is pretty good. The Counter in the Shop’s at Legacy has a very good veggie burger.

  13. Seriously, how has Cosmic Cafe not been mentioned? THE BEST! Their ‘No Bull Burger’ is delicious!!!

  14. That **** should read as the other word for rooster… I suppose this site thinks I am tyring to talk dirty and masked what I typed, lol…. anyway it’s a great irish pub with a great menu of amazing food too.