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I Had Lunch With Harvey Gough and All I Got Was Another Black Eye

Harvey threw this steak at me.
Harvey threw this steak at me.

Seriously. Earlier this morning I walked into Buzzbrews on Lemmon and as I approached the table where sat one Harvey Gough, he reeled his hand back and threw a frozen steak at me. AGAIN.

It seems like yesterday that I was sitting in a cargo container on an isolated Air Force base in Uzbekistan with an ice pack on my eye after Harvey had hit me in the face with a frozen sirloin. In case you missed the escape, it’s all here in black, white, and red.

Anywhoo, Harvey and I never kissed, but we made up. He’s now happily married and has a gorgeous 4-year old daughter who looks just like her mother. Besides our trip in late 2002, Harvey has taken many missions overseas to feed the troops.

Harvey and I met today to discuss another (im)possible mission. I’m sure it will never happen, but it’s always fun to listen to “Harvey Stories.” I know, you either love him or hate him—the stories of his abuse to customers at his Goff’s Hamburger store are almost (he wishes) legendary. But he has some tales that, if published, would be a best seller. (Oh, let’s cast the movie!) I can’t tell you all of the things going on with Harvey—he’s got a few irons in the fire. But stay tuned. There will be news. Hey Harvey, DUCK!

8 comments on “I Had Lunch With Harvey Gough and All I Got Was Another Black Eye

  1. Hey, Do Do,
    Could there be a come back lurking out there somewhere in the arena?
    Want you drink in a sack?

  2. Here is one for Harvey’s book in case he forgot. Close to closing time at his original location on Lovers. Restaurant packed with obnoxious high school students hurling insults towards the king of the castle himself Mr. Gough. Harvey being the shrewd businessman took all the orders and collected his cash. Finally with everyone served he told everyone to “get out”! The young naive students scoffed and taunted him to evict them. I’m thinking how is this guy going to kick us all out. Harvey brilliantly reached under the counter and grabbed 2 Holiday Foggers and proceeded to set them off. The entire place cleared within 30 seconds. Classic Harvey.

  3. I love the story where a guy asks Harvey for a coke to go.
    Harvey then proceeds to pour the drink in a brown paper sack and give it to the guy. Anyone else know about this story and if it’s really, true?

  4. What happened to the statue of Lenin that Harvey had in front of the Lovers location?