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Shop at Whole Foods, Support KERA

whole_foods_bag1For all of you Type-A’ers out there with grocery lists already made up for the 4th of July, make like a Top Chef contestant and head to Whole Foods in Lakewood or Highland Park today to do your shopping. WF is donating 5% of their net sales today to KERA, our local public radio and television station (hi, Jeff!). Also, bring the kids with you if you’re shopping between 4–6,  because Maya and Miguel will be making appearances at both stores during this time.

3 comments on “Shop at Whole Foods, Support KERA

  1. This is truly wonderful. It makes me re-appreciate the landmark Whole Foods world that they would step up and salute their own community in this manner, and the station that supports anyone who is intellectually curious, politically involved and aware of alternative realities.

    Just about the time I begin to wilt in life after interacting with lifeless corporate gremlins replicating ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’ pod casts, there is NPR-KERA and Whole Foods. Both of which offer something that nourishes the body and soul. As Maya and Miguel’s abuela might say, ‘Salud y Gracias’.

  2. Wow, Maya and Miguel in two stores at the same time. Is that thanks to the magic of television? (But thanks for the plug to support KERA!)