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Custom Frappucinos Debut. Dallas Twitches with Excitement.

mocha-coco-frappuccinoSome people see Starbucks as the evil empire. Others can’t function without their non-fat no-whip double tall [enter drink name here]. Me? I love my local haunts (whatup, Pearl Cup and Opening Bell!) but have to admit that Starbucks is convenient, quick, and consistent. No crime in that. So, Starbucks fans, starting today there’s a new way to get your caffeinated freak on: customizable Frappuccinos. Yep, you can add any flavors, any type of milk, add more espresso, or perhaps even the blood of a young virgin sacrificed upon the altar of Corporate America to complete your creamy frozen beverage experience. Gentlemen (and ladies), start your blenders.

4 comments on “Custom Frappucinos Debut. Dallas Twitches with Excitement.

  1. ahh yes, convenient, quick, and consistent. Three things that are really important to people who don’t care about quality/taste.

  2. Starbucks is horrible for pure coffee. As the great bartender Louie says about his neighbor The Pearl Cup, they serve coffee there that isn’t purposedly bad to be injected with surgary substances for all to rave about. The Cup’s coffee tastes great black while Starbucks is always undrinkable in its natural form..