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4 comments on “Tom Colicchio Wants To Do More Wine Dinners at Craft Dallas (and the Parking Is Complimentary)

  1. Dinner was great, and so were the wines. The first course, after canapes, wasn’t warm enough — I think they hadn’t figured out the process of serving the entire restaurant at once, yet. It was a really nice evening.

  2. To contradict one thing in the interview — there was not a valet in front of the restaurant for the wine dinner. We and several other cars waited for a few minutes before someone got out and asked. Not a big deal to drive around to the back and park with the hotel valet, but it would be nice to actually do so at the entrance near the restaurant.

  3. If they had only figured all of this out 2 or 3 years ago. Why wait SO long NOT to chage for valet when serious competition isn’t charging? (The Ritz for example.) Why did it take 3 years to do an event such as this? Why is Tom (almost) never in Dallas? IMO, if they did open a CraftBar and/or multiple ‘Wichcraft locations, it would strengthen the “brand” in Dallas. I hope that place turns it around, the food is so wonderful, but it is always empty when I go.