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Marc Cassel’s PARK Is Coming to Life

marc_casselJust drove down Henderson Avenue this morning to get a slap in the face (AKA: double espresso from Pearl Cup) and saw that PARK—chef Marc Cassel’s new restaurant—is looking nice and near completion. That makes my stomach happy. I miss Cassel’s days at Green Room in Deep Ellum. That was a great restaurant. I’m hoping PARK is as good. More Henderson Avenue news: Cuquita’s (best liver and onions in Dallas) old spot is soon to be a new Tex-Mex place by the owners of Vickery Park restaurant. You know, Henderson Avenue is shaping up to become a great foodie hotspot.

14 comments on “Marc Cassel’s PARK Is Coming to Life

  1. you think cuquita’s shuttering and a new tex-mex concept going into that spot makes henderson a more compelling destination for foodies?

  2. I agree with above comments. It looks more like an updated Lower Greenville. Valet stands everywhere!

  3. @RB: Cuquita’s is still alive and well. It’s in Oak Cliff and the one in Richardson is still open. As for the gentrification of Henderson Avenue, I’m not a big fan of neighborhoods losing character. But I am a fan of The Porch, Victor Tango, Hector’s, Capitol Pub, Tei Tei, Cafe San Miguel, Louie’s, The Pearl Cup, The Old Monk, Veritas, and — I’ll bet money on it — the not yet opened PARK. So, yep, I think Henderson Avenue is a fine place to eat and drink. As for the valet stands, welcome to Dallas.

  4. I have to give the new owners props for not scrapping the little old Cuquita’s house. I think her face lift is coming along nicely!

  5. i’m aware of cuquita’s other locations. i also enjoy those other establishments on henderson. however, whether you meant to or not, you implied that the new tex-mex spot (which was only made possible by cuquita’s closing) will make henderson ave. a better “foodie hotspot” than it was before. not trying to “kirk” you here (well maybe i am), ijs.

  6. Do you need a degree to be a foodie?

    Todd, do be careful using the word “foodie”, or you risk getting the foodie alumni all up in a tizzy! WOW!

  7. I am glad PARK is opening up! I am so over the “Tristan” domination of Henderson. In fact I went to Hibiscus the other evening with my girlfriend, and to what I thought was only consistent service….I was horrified! I sat in the middle of the dining room and caught the chef yelling profanities, that I could hear. In addition our server (who’s name I will not say) let’s just call her “P”, was not on her game. Not to beat down Hibiscus. I was just so disappointed it’s still bugging me!

  8. Adding Park to a list of places where food can be purchased hardly makes Henderson a new foodie destination.

    It makes Park a possible foodie destination. You are confusing food and foodie and would do well to learn that before Bones says to Kirk “he’s dead, Jim.”

  9. PARK doesnt even know what zipcode they’re really in!!!!!! I do because I live here…….whatev…..Im pissed that my entire neighborhood is becoming the dbag hangout. Ahh Cuquitas, how much did they make when they sold the henderson location?

  10. Terrible. Ate here last night and was not impressed with anything but the decor. Service was the worst I’ve had since moving to the D 10 months ago and the food wasn’t much better. Drinks were ok if you can get them… They took so long to come out that I began ordering two at a time. Also, they ran out of champagne glasses and regular water glasses during the course of our meal. Be sure to enjoy the complimentary Natura sparkling or still water… Wait a second, it was blatent tap or soda water from the bar. Why wouldn’t they just serve the water in a pitcher and call it what it is? Appetizers were the most disappointing and entrees were decent but nothing special.
    All in all a VERY underwhelming dining experience.