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Hey, Todd. The New Tex-Mex Spot on Henderson Is Called Hacienda. And It’s Opening July 23.

haciendaI’ve been trying to wait until I had some firm details about the place, but the best I’ve got are some semi-reliable rumors—and this rendering—even though the grand opening is scheduled for July 23. (And the web site is still under construction.) Anyway, Hacienda is a partnership between Vickery Park owners and Lotus owners, so I think we can expect it to be as much a watering hole–plenty of tequila?–as a restaurant. I’m still waiting to get an idea of the menu, but I do think it’s going to be more upscale than, say, Cuquita’s but not as fancy as, say, Trece. I think we can expect a valet, even though there is adjacent parking (hate that). What else? Oh, if you’ve driven by the patio space looks pretty inviting, so assuming they can tolerate the summer heat, I suspect we’ll be seeing lots of pretty girls on that patio–perhaps waving to all the pretty boys on the patio at Capitol Pub. Stay tuned for more official details.

14 comments on “Hey, Todd. The New Tex-Mex Spot on Henderson Is Called Hacienda. And It’s Opening July 23.

  1. i know i will go, at least once, but is it worth the price of progress to actually replace something which was a neighborhood staple? how long was Cuquita’s there to replace it with something which (hope not) might have to under go a Lazare type reconstruction just to keep a crowd?

  2. The valet in that area is required to control parking issues. All of the establishments (sushi axiom, capitol pub etc ) use the same valet company and they all share lots so they can control parking issues…the valet is only open from 5pm on so whats the problem with pulling up handing your keys to the valet and not worrying about circling for a parking spot..its better than the neighbors on Henderson all having cars parked in front of their homes and having to tow people.

  3. I guess you can’t please everyone. The Hacienda partnership has worked extremely hard to keep the traditional “home/hacienda” architecture in place – and went to great lengths to make sure that the existing structure stays true to it’s original design – a house. It would’ve been cheaper to tear it down and build a modern structure (like those around us) but they felt that the “neighborhood staple” deserved saving. However – Cuquitas was quite disgusting and way out of code, so some changes were made. Anyone that saw the place before and after must admit that the beautification is immense and deserves accommodation. I personally can’t wait to have fine traditional cuisine, specialty drinks and a fantastic (just Dallas enough) atmosphere.

  4. I was checking out the progress the other night, when a car pulled up and asked me if the old place was open for them to come in…If they would have scraped the building, this would have never happenned…Great job of keeping the original home in tact!! This will be GREAT for the neighborhood!

  5. The name Hacienda is very simalar to the concept La Hacienda that Mariano Martinez has cultivated so successfully. I am sure many will confuse the new one with his restaurants if they don’t look close enough.

  6. Umm Cuquitas was far from disgusting!!!!
    I cant say the same for your “”jewelry”” however darling…………bleh

  7. Cuquitas was disgusting if you ever had the pleasure of looking in the kitchen…not trying to be hateful or diss a fun place, just stating the truth.

  8. Guys …this place is not even open yet and people are going nuts on hating and saying all sorts of crazy things..lets see what happens when the place looks like a pretty cool place for our neighborhood.

  9. I guess kitty didn’t read the article…It is a brand new place…It would have been cheaper to wipe the place out and build something new but they kept the integrity of the Hacienda…Only the structure and the bricks are original.

  10. Living in the hood, I’ve watched this place going up since day one, and it looks great. But I gotta say….I long to look down at a beautiful plate of Tex/Mex….moderately priced ala Veracruz or Glorias…..with cheap Margueritas. This is more important than eyeing sorochicks who stumbled over from Uptown.