Where’s the Beef? Flavors From Afar This Saturday

rustyRusty Roth of East Texas’ Rusty’s Grass Finished Foods visits Flavors From Afar this Saturday 10am-3pm to tout the benefits of grass-finished beef. The handsome cowpoke will offer cooking tips and plenty of samples of his steak, burgers, and various sausages (chorizo, Polish, Italian, and more).

9 comments on “Where’s the Beef? Flavors From Afar This Saturday

  1. Grass-finished? They used to be grass-fed.

    Is this a cow covered in a lawn treatment, or what? It sounds like a subtle-sounding but semantically important distinction.

  2. Worzel, remember the menu writing concept. I spit coffee on my monitor after reading “covered in lawn treatment.” Kidding aside, these cows have a zen life compared to mine.

  3. Grass-finishing is “grass-fed lite.” You want beef from cattle that are pastured from birth to slaughter.

  4. PotNe: That is what I initially thought. But read that link I posted. Apparently, “grass-finished” means that a particular, and desirable, physiological state was reached on a grass diet. It’s, as Evander Holyfield was heard to say (except by himself, as he had no ear), the “real meal”.

    Grass-fed, without grass-finishing, implies the primary desired results were not reached. Indeed, a grass-fed animal can have been fed on lousy grass. So feeding on grass is not enough.