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23 comments on “Wednesday Rant: Macaroni and Cheese

  1. I totally agree with you except for the swoon-worthy, artery-clogging lusciousness you get at Hibiscus. All others are poseurs and should be taken out back and shot.

  2. Couldn’t agree more. Jasper’s Aged Gouda-Ham Mac ‘n’ Cheese is a prime example of macaroni and cheese destruction.

  3. I know so many people who would die at the mere suggestion … apparently I know a lot of mac n cheese diehards.

  4. As much as I love you, Nancy, I have to disagree. I am mac-n-cheese’s beeyotch. Yes, some kitchens get a little carried away. But I love experimentation. Maybe we just need a new trend. My suggestion? Tater tots!

  5. I totally agree with Nancy. In fact let’s stop this stupid trend of “comfort” food, dressed up and overpriced to the point that whatever made it “good” in the first place is totally obscured, and go back to paying low prices for cheap food, and high prices for good food.

  6. Twinwillow – You’re so right.

    Luniz, I totally agree. I would rather having something interesting. Mac and Cheese ain’t.

  7. Good God, when did Bill Addison get back to town? I’m throwing you in the Trinity if this happens Nancy!!! Outta the box, drizzled with truffle oil and every version in between makes me smile.

  8. I dunno about this. I had a good lobster mac & cheese at Chamberlain’s Fish Market Grill a few weeks ago (even though they used orzo instead of macaroni, which was too clever by half). Truffle oil, I agree, it’s done. But a good mac and cheese, there’s still room for that. Unless it’s $14 for a ice cream scoop sized portion, in which case, sayonara.

  9. I have to agree. I loves me some mac-and-cheese (home made with good parmesan) but it’s a tired trend. I’m also over short ribs.

  10. I like macaroni. I like cheese. I don’t like macaroni and cheese and I’ve never eaten it in a resto or even in Wyatt’s, HP Cafeteria, etc. where it was a staple. The gloppiness factor is off the charts and it sets up like concrete.

  11. agreed. except for the real mac & cheese at South Dallas Cafe. that one is worth keeping.

  12. The M&C at Hibiscus was a let down, as well was the entire dining experience there. I never could figure out what the hype over that place was all about. I have never been back. Honestly good Mac – from a pot, not that dry baked garbage – would be a part of my last meal.

  13. Gotta call foul. Hibiscus. Neighborhood Services. Whatevs. Gimme mac and cheese tricked up. Nancy, I know you eat for a living. Seeing (and tasting) repetition can get tiresome. But the rest of us still dig m and c. Some trends are worth riding. Just like you, friend.

    Oh no.

    This is why we don’t allow comments on FrontBurner, isn’t it?

  14. OK, OK. Fancy shmancy mac ‘n cheese. But, do we HAVE to put truffle oil on it, too?

  15. Neutral on the mac & cheese – it can stay or it can go – but save the short ribs.

  16. heard the mac and cheese at the porch outsells all other items. I’m not eating it but obviously others are. Maybe you should rethink your mac and cheese position?