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3 comments on “Stoney’s Bottle Bargains is Open on Greenville Avenue in Dallas

  1. “They’re slogan”? Come on, Uncle Nancy. You’ve been sampling too much of the merchandise.

  2. Being stuck in FW, I am not up on all that is going on in Big D. I do remember that “tiny stone store” that was originally a gas station and thinking that surely some land owner is gonna bulldoze it make it more useful. And that is what they did. It was a cute little building and it is a shame that it could not be saved. It is not exactly in the same league with Penn Station, but it is still a shame. I spoke to Stony and this happened a few years ago, I do not mean to imply that this happened just last week.

  3. I’m still working on a rock opera Stoney and I collaborated on long ago. Sammy is in Africa now… started out along the lines of Tommy, but now it’s more like Lulu… God how I wish I could visit his store but I’m stuck in Taipei…