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Want To Be a TV Star: Here’s Your Chance

Gala Films, a Canadian production company, is producing a new documentary TV series to air on the Oprah Winfrey Network here in the states and in Canada this summer. It’s called My Last 24 and it focuses on people who are following their dreams despite the challenges.

They are looking for a restaurant that is opening in July. They want an owner who doesn’t have previous restaurant ownership experience. They’d love someone that is coming at this from a totally different career but they would also consider a waiter or someone who worked in the kitchen and then decided to open their own place. They are willing to film anywhere in Texas if they find the right story. They will film the week leading up to the opening and then the opening event.

Is it you? Then contact Stacy at Gala Films ( Here’s a look at what they are about.

4 comments on “Want To Be a TV Star: Here’s Your Chance

  1. What an original idea! This can’t have been done more than a half dozen times in the last year.