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Nancy Flunks Geography: Columbia River is Not in Alaska

Alaska is not on this map
Alaska is not on this map

I like maps and I’m glad an eagle-eyed reader named Kirk likes maps too. Kirk sent me this map. It’s the Columbia River. I referred to the Columbia River in an earlier post about salmon. I mistakenly said our next batch of king salmon was coming from the Columbia River in Alaska. Maybe there is a Columbia River in Alaska and perhaps there is a salmon or two swimming around or up it, but the salmon available in markets now comes from the river you see to the left. Thanks, Kirk. I will now go jump in a lake.

6 comments on “Nancy Flunks Geography: Columbia River is Not in Alaska

  1. Got really drowsy around the 4th sentence. Fell asleep, shortly therafter. Woke up, read the last sentence, and fell asleep again.

    Confident I can now give up Zoloft. Turning this post into a gigantic poster and hanging it over my bed.

  2. TJ’s almost sold out of columbia river salmon in about 36 hours! we still have some left today and will be getting more in tomorrow as well.

    26-27.99 / lb is the market price. a little milder than copper river salmon, but with similar fat contents.

    hope everyone enjoys.

    –jon alexis