Eat This Now: Soft Shell Crab Sandwich at Parigi

softshellcrabI love soft shell crab. When I was growing up, my family and I would spend a week in the Florida Panhandle every summer, and I’d eat soft shell crab every chance I got. Some people are turned off by the idea of eating the whole thing, shell and all. And that’s a tragedy, because they’ll never have the pleasure of eating this sammy from Parigi. The crab was cooked perfectly–well-seasoned, with just the right crunch. But the bread is what makes a good sandwich great, and that is so true here: the bun was soft and buttery, not to thick, and reminiscent of the pan de yema at La Duni. Roasted potatoes–not too many, mind you–had a punch of heat. Get this dish while you can.

3 comments on “Eat This Now: Soft Shell Crab Sandwich at Parigi

  1. I love making them at home. Soooo easy! Nothing but seasoned flour and sauteed in EVOO. A squeeze of fresh lemon and a dollop of good tarter sauce and, voila!
    Wholefoods had them (fresh) at $4.00 each but they tell me, there’re now out of season. Bummer!