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Columbia River King Salmon is Here

0808-the_salmon_danceWith Copper River salmon-gate in our rear view mirror, it is time to look forward to the next shipment of wild king salmon from Alaska—those pesky fish from the mighty Columbia River, Spring King or “Springers” as they call them in the biz. Jon Alexis of TJ’s Seafood Market has recovered from the Copper River ordeal, and is now giving the survivors of Jammin’ With Wild Salmon and SideDish readers first notice. Fresh from electroshock therapy, Mr. Jon Alexis.

Hey Salmon Tasting Gang-
D Magazine Tasting Winner “Copper River King” season is over. But every door that closes opens another one (or whatever the saying is.) Tomorrow we’ll get Columbia River Salmon . Here’s the story:
The “Mighty” Columbia River King Salmon

The historic Columbia River Spring King, or Springers as they are called, are one of the most desired and sought after wild salmon in the world. These kings rival the fabled Yukon River and Copper River King salmon. Known for their high oil content and chrome bright skin, discriminating chefs prefer these over all other kings.

The Columbia River stretches 1243 miles from the Pacific ocean all the way to Canada (remember, the copper river is only 300 miles but STEEP).

This difficult journey accounts for their high oil and fat content. These salmon must store extra oil and fat for this arduous trip up river.

You guys are the first to know…fish will arrive tomorrow.  We’ll send this out to your email list, so you may get this info twice.

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