Quick Review: Raquel Garcia’s Seafood Shack in Dallas

This just in from our seafood-lovin’ intern, Sara:

Calling Vanna White.
Calling Vanna White.

Raquel Garcia’s Seafood Shack is the definition of a neighborhood dive (c’mon, it’s got shack right in the name!) with its Dairy Queen-esque structure and daily specials painted on the window. Heck, it’s even got a drive-through.

It also boasts some of the best ceviche in town, and on Mondays you’re practically robbing the place with happy hourmargaritas at $1.50, ceviche for $1.25, shrimp ceviche for $1.50 and
shrimp ceviche tostadas (pictured) for $1.50 each.

The lunchtime crowd is fun and eclectic; scoot up to the bar and rub shoulders with students from the nearby Cordon Bleu culinary school, businessmen, large Hispanic families with screaming children, and construction workers drinking copious amounts of beer at11:30 in the morning. Other good nights to go are Tuesdays (25-cent oysters) and Thursdays ($1.50 shrimp ceviche tostadas). Located on Webb Chapel just south of Forest Lane.

Tasty shrimp ceviche tostadas.
Tasty shrimp ceviche tostadas.

11 comments on “Quick Review: Raquel Garcia’s Seafood Shack in Dallas

  1. I do. Best ceviche I had was at El Rincon Maya, Cozumel — a shack. Best ceviche in Fort Worth was from Costa Azul — a shack. Best ceviche in Dallas was from Marisco’s, Plano — a shack.

  2. Two Guys From Italy next door is also really reasonable. Chicken breast with mushrooms and artichokes, with small dinner salad, spaghetti side and garlic bread $9.95. Chardonnay was Not Bad either, tho’ it wasn’t listed on the menu.

  3. The Shack is really great, but you will get a sugar headache before an alcohol buzz from their weak margaritas.

  4. I just read 6 reviews about Garcia’s Seafood Shack. All raved about it!
    Click on “reviews” at the top of the page. I’m going to eat there as soon as I can! I can’t stop thinking about that shrimp ceviche tostada with the avocado on it.

  5. Amy S beat me to my comment. Two Guys is perfect, hole in the wall, Italian. We’ve always wanted to try the Seafood Shack but never have.

  6. Hey I se a bunch of Chowhounds here, I have been to the Shack many time. get there early on .25 oyster night (Tuesday). I am going now… wanted to see if there was a Weds special. No web site :S

    I have had the oysters and ceviche, greatness. Also the Hot Pot shrimp – 1 pound for 9 bucks, but I swaer they gave us 3 pounds. We ate the stuff forever. Think spicy NOLA bbq shrimp without butter. thats what it reminded me of.

    Pass on the ritas and go for the 1.50 bottles of beer 9all varieties)