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New Summer Flavors at Paciugo Gelato

12colorpaciugogelatoTeresa over at Pegasus News reports that the West Village Paciugo Gelato is sporting a new look and new flavors. I dropped by after lunch to try a scoop. Today’s flavor was Texas pecan sea salt caramel. One word: Tasty. Who doesn’t love a little sweet with their savory? Other new flavors include Texas peaches and strawberry sorbet and—the one I really wanted to try—chocolate jalapeno. “Ugh,” replied my co-worker when I described it. Me? I think chocolate goes great with spicy flavors like red chili and curry. Has anyone had Paciugo’s choc-jalapeno creation? I’m dying to taste it.

6 comments on “New Summer Flavors at Paciugo Gelato

  1. I have made a cocoa creme brulee with green chili’s and the combo is really nice…

  2. the spicy gelato is great. do it! a nice burn that goes of so good w/ chocolate.

  3. actually i heard lovers lane was owned by a franchise and the guy actually closed it down. I went to the west village one yesterday and it looks really good compared to what it was a few months ago. they had some kind of grand re-opening yesterday…tried but didnt like the chocolate jalapeno. I love the rose gelato, though.